Friday, February 21, 2014


i just heard that it is snowing in Paris.

no, i didn't check the weather on the internet.

 so many beautiful views...ici!

Pam told me.

Pam is an American girl, living in Paris. 

she shares the joys of raising her amazing family, and her daily jaunts 

around the city.  her images are fabulous!  i  am privileged to have her as a facebook friend.

with the time change, there is almost always something special from Pam

that greets me when i rise each day.   

they recently moved to a new apartment.   

( i know...A M A Z I N G ! )

she hosts a little tour of their new digs, here!

her joy and energy takes me back to the days when i was raising our children.

her images allow me to recollect three days spent with Chrislyn and my parents

 in Paris eighteen years ago, and a summer in as a teenager, over 40 years ago.

although i am eager for Spring. there is something quite settling

and mesmerizing about the thought of a snow day in Paris. 

Pam, thank you for bringing French snow to 34th street, and for inspiring today's post!



  1. Lynne, How lucky you are to have a friend living in Paris! Amazing view of the Eiffel Tower from her kitchen sink. Love her family photo too! I'm going now to check out her blog. Love the name of her blog!

  2. bonjour my sweet friend!! and thank you so very much for your beautiful blog post!!! j'adore! i musat have mislead snow here in the city :( not one single flake. however, we're driving tonight to Avoriaz..which is down in the French Alps to ski! plenty of snow there! how i wish it would snow in paris..
    have a wonderful weekend my friend..and merci! xoxo

  3. OH- Yes! There is something wonderful and WARM about a snow day in Paris. Off to take a peek at her new place.....just imagine.......xo Diana

  4. No fair !! even I could deal with snow while seeing those sights out my kitchen windows. :):) I am coming back later to check your friends site. Wonderful ! Hope your weekend is fun. xoxo,Susie

  5. I've just had my blood drawn yesterday and fear I am in for a wake up call about my cholesterol. My mind feels 25, but my body feels every moment of 57. I really need to do what your doing. Thanks for the inspiration!! xoxo

  6. I am grateful to call Pam my friend! And she is living a dreamy life. Thanks for showcasing Pam.

  7. I too am lucky to call Pam my friend! I love her honesty and sense of humor, along with knowing she never takes one day in Paris for granted!!! So fun to read about her on your blog! Merci!

  8. One of my all time favorite blogs!

    Have a lovely weekend, Lynne! xoxo

  9. Thanks for turning us on to Pam's blog. I would love to visit France but that may take awhile so I'll just follow along with it through Pam's eyes!

    Happy Weekend!


  10. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, Paris is another entity and part of her allure is that...ALLURE. How did the French do it? How did they charm many of us? Art, literature, high standards, whatever it is, it's a wonder to behold.


  11. What a beautiful post! Ah, the friends we meet! I so love love that view from her window!!!

  12. Lynne,
    Paris...neige! Who wouldn't love a snow day in Paris? You have the best friends who share AMAZING French sights. Just reading your blog list roll on the sidebar takes me away on multiple side trips to France. Thanks for the beautiful images, uplifting words, and introductions to new friends.