Thursday, February 27, 2014


yesterday, around lunchtime, Chrislyn called

me at the office.

"mom, you are going to crack up, when i tell you what Holland just said."

they had just returned from bible study, and were making

smoothies and lunch.  Chrislyn popped the Food Network on!

on the FN was The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, 

coincidentally...making a smoothie.

:: ici ::

almost immediately, out of the mouth of Miss H...



Grandma's on TV makin' smoothies too!"'s both, not the greatest and endearing that Ina and i 

have similar a body type. ( thus why i am  presently on a path to drop 45 pounds)

 i love Ina.  i have followed her in the kitchen for years.

while Chrislyn was telling me her "Holland said story",

 i could here Holland in the background saying, 

"hi, grandma !"

"are you makin' smoothies, too?"

grandma's Ina's Tropical Smoothie

1/2 ripe mango, peeled and seeded
1/2 papaya, peeled and seeded
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1/2 cup skim milk
1/4 cup nonfat yogurt
1 tsp GOOD honey
2 cups ice

in a blender, combine the mango, papaya, banana, orange juice, milk, yogurt, honey, and ice.

blend until s-m-o-o-t-h-i-e !

(i think i am also wearing a wig...)

you be the judge!



  1. Well all I can say is that you and the contessa are fabulous ladies with wisdom and creativity flowing from you! Children do not see that yet as you know, but leave it to them to tell what only their eyes notice!!!!

  2. take it as a compliment! aren't children the cutest.

  3. Well no, you are the pretty one. Maybe smiles? Maybe Holland has heard you say something about smoothies. Funny and cute though. I told my g.daughter she had her other grandma's dimpled chin and she said "then is it going to wrinkle ?"I said, "if you are luncky, Irene is beautiful !" xoxox,Susie

  4. Your little Holland is a smart girl, both of you ladies are beautiful and talented and loved by many.

    Have a great day!

  5. Not being a cook, I have heard of The Barefoot Contessa, but had no idea what she looks like. I googled her and yes you do have some similarities, but I prefer your gorgeous white hair. I was impressed that in addition to being a cook that she was a White House nuclear policy analyst.

  6. Out of the mouths of babes...I adore everything about The Barefoot Contessa, especially her gorgeous smile and friendly demeanor, so it isn't surprising to me that sweet Holland would see the similarities between the two of you! xoxo

  7. What a lovely compliment!! I love hearing things children say!! Remember the old days of television when Art Linkletter had a program about Kids Say the Darndest Things?? Sweet SWEET of your little Holland to recognize beauty and love in the kitchen! She thinks you're FAMOUS!!! Well, you ARE!!!

  8. Oh Lynne, my son LOVES smoothies. He just got the blender out a few days ago and made himself one. That is too funny what your granddaughter said about you. Kids are very truthful, and they see things sometimes that we don't. The Barefoot Contessa has always been delightful to me. She's a lovely lady, just as you are.

    The tropical smoothie sounds great!


  9. I loved this post. I think Holland paid you a grand compliment! The kindness and welcome you've shown me is exactly the manner that exudes from Ina Garten when she welcomes us all into her kitchen, and it's just one of the reasons I love her (the food being the other). And I love your picture! With no disrespect to Ina, you're much prettier.