Thursday, February 20, 2014


"The Japanese first started using the 10,000 steps a day number, as part of a marketing
 campaign! (to help sell pedometers).  Since that initial campaign however,
 medical authorities around the world have agreed that 10,000 is a healthy
 number to aim for. The American Heart Association uses the 10,000 steps metric 
as a guideline to follow for improving health and decreasing risk of heart disease,
 the number one killer of men and women in America."


over the past month i have been focused on making some needed lifestyle changes.

 i have been on this track many times before, with success, and somehow wandered off.

then some grim reality hit home at the end of  last year.

i made up my mind that i didn't want to be 

a sixty- two year old, with a list of  "meds" too long to remember.  i know that there

are health issues that are out of our control, but my issues are well within my control.

my mind is not 62. 

...and guess what?

current health standards label young adults 18 to 45 years old, and middle age 45 to 65! 

 i love being lumped in with the 45'ers!

( i want to be the generation to pump up that middle age statistic to 70! )


enter January...a new primary care doctor. 

...February...a nutritionist. 

i am now one of those label readers. 

sometimes it's easier and quicker just to grab the whole foods!

(enough reading already...just grab an apple, boil an egg, drink a glass of milk!)

as for my French bread?  i am substituting a cup of the bread flour with oat flour,

and adding flax meal.  it's very artisan and earthy chic now, nutty and pretty.

yesterday, i received an email from my favorite market informing me that

The Metropolitan Market

Sumo Citrus arrives today!  Saturday, i will be grabbing a supply for

my afternoon snack at work next week.   i just might dip a few wedges in 

:: ici ::

dark chocolate for a weekend treat!  

my plan is to  re-visit my new doc and the nutritionist in April for another blood draw.

i have already dropped my blood sugar level. as long as i stick to the plan,

i am no longer a risk for diabetes!

now dropping that bad cholesterol level is the next goal!  

that's it!

my blood will be 45 again!  the top of "young adult"...nay say,

the bottom of middle age!


yesterday, February 19, was day one of my official change.

i began the MultiCare step challenge with my "buds" at work.

the nurses and support staff to the doc's definitely get their steps on.

but those of us at "the desk" are well below the "sedentary rate".   

what a RUDE awakening, indeed!

when we walked out of the office last night we stopped on the sidewalk 

and recreated that stomping dance move from "Flashdance" just to gain a few more

steps before bidding a well deserved end of the work day farewell. we

giggled our way to our cars, because we realized that we were likely on surveillance video.

   i must say that the step challenge has added some new "mojo" to our work day!

:: ici ::

most start the year on New Year's Day.

i always start the new year on my birthday.

every birthday brings reflection, and a new slate!

chalk it up!



  1. You ROCK, Lady!!! Good for you! I am 65 with a LONG list of meds!! However, I join you in wanting to be the YOUNGEST 65 year old I can be!! I eat fairly well but I can always do better! That exercise thing used to be a part of my daily schedul for 25 years. Once the quad event started with Amber somehow I dropped the exercise time. I am officially reclaiming it! Took the quads for a walk yesterday. That qualifies as exercise. Now I am signing off and will do my Yoga before I even get dressed for this day! You are a great motivator!!

  2. Good for you...making health changes before an episode of some the way to go. I am on 3 meds, one is because of the other two..gaa.LOL. Three is plenty and I refuse to take more. So that is one reason I shovel snow, rake leaves, pick up yard trash....just making myself move. Have to keep moving. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Good for you. Health is one thing you can't buy! Keep going

  4. Good for you, what an inspiration you are, my friend! I need to be doing all of these things too. I have been saying since turning 60 .." I'm way too young to be old" !

    Keep up the good work and please give us more inspiring updates, won't you? xo

  5. An absolutely spot on post Dear! Thank you for sharing (and loved to imagine you doing a Flash dance in the parking lot!!)
    All the best,

  6. I wish you well.

    A lot of my exercise comes from walking although I played my regular singles tennis game this morning - I am 65 and my partner is 70.

    I stopped bothering with a pedometer because when I wore one I usually clocked at least 15,000 steps a day. When I go to Target, I park in a far corner of the lot and I always take the steps to walk my cart to a cart station. When I fold laundry, I walk in circles through the house folding each piece. I can make one circle around the bed folding one of Steve's t-shirts. When I get up, I walk around the house putting things away, getting things out and silently count the steps. I don't allow myself to sit back down again until I have 1000 steps and it usually takes just 5 -7 minutes.

  7. Oh- I hear you- good for you and congratulations for doing something about it. I love being in the upper level of "middle age" I am pretty healthy overall but would like to drop a few pounds..then I would be perfect, as perfect as I could ever be----letting my hubby think I already AM perfect though......just for fun- xo Diana

  8. So glad to hear you are making health changes, Lynne. I have had to look at the labels for a long time, as I can't eat too much sugar. I can't believe how many foods have sugar in them. I love the 'THIS YEAR' quote. It sounds like you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle.


  9. Dearest Lynne, Happy Birthday my friend. It sounds like you are really in control, I congratulate you. Thankyou for your lovely long message, I enjoyed hearing from you. I love to think of you and your work colleagues boogie woogieing in the street, what larks! I wish you well with all your health improvements. It's time for me to get my act together too. Lois is fine, I think she was taken aback that we were disappointed with her results, but she didn't really register that she had failed. I think that really at age 11 they are too young to realise the consequences. We found a school that is under subscribed because it is very rural, but has excellent results. The classes are small, as is the school. I think it has actually worked out better in the end, as she may have struggled in Grammar school. She visited the school today, and really liked it. It means I will have to drive her every day and my husband will have to travel to work by train, but hopefully it will all work out in the end. I hope you were well and truly spoiled for your birthday. Much love to you, Linda x

  10. Oh Lynne, I think this is a great way to continue on your life journey! YES, you can use oat flour and flax to create a fabulous bread. Lots of exercise like walking and definitely, some chocolate and we are all good to go! LOVE!