Wednesday, February 19, 2014


this post has nothing to do with American Bandstand but it does

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have a good beat beet!  (i know, i am being silly.)


since my last post was about drinking in Whistler Village, i 

thought that i would share my favorite Whistler dish!

as i said in my previous post, we generally cook dinner in the condo.

(Mr D and i typically budget for one dinner out.)

this trip we invited two of  our dearest friends with us. they are the parents of Jay's best friend, Ty. 

we have remained close family friends since T-ball.  since we weren't cooking for 6 or more,

we could swing a few lunches in the village this trip.

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the food in Whistler village is wonderful. we found the lunch menus to be quite affordable.

...for instance, i had a wonderful  roasted beet and goat cheese salad, with

watercress and arugula  for 4.50 Canadian, (which is almost even

with the American dollar now.)  you can't eat at McDonalds for 4.50...

...well i suppose from their dollar menu. ick!

every menu that we touched in Whistler had a version of 

roasted beet and goat cheese salad.  although i only ate it once, i became hooked!

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i cannot wait until the farmers market season, when the most beautiful varieties of

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 beets will be ready for choosing, roasting and preserving! the health 

benefits from beets are amazing, particularly with reference to 

keeping the liver healthy.  ( i may have reversed the benefits of that beet

salad after my visit to the Belvedere Ice Room.)

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i am beginning a "step" challenge at work today,  my newest

fashion accessory is a "fit bit zip"!

i was one of the first 50 visitors to our company's health fair, so i was able to 

able to purchase it for 15.00 !  such a deal!

:: ici ::

i picked that kick bottom Seahawk bright green! 

from baby steps in February to giant steps in April, S P R I N G T I M E ! 

  i know that you and i will be doing happy dance!




  1. i love it when you are being silly + hmmm not a fan of beets + the beet + goat cheese salad looks

  2. I love beets. I used to get a veggie plate at a cafeteria that Ted and I would go too. I would get beets, carrots, and green beans. Then I would tell Ted, the more colorful your meal, the healthier it is. :):) I loved Bandstand :) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I love beets too!! Some years ago I grew my own in the back yard! May have to try that again someday. The salad looks delicious!! So glad you had such a nice time! Now I'm off to read the posts I've missed from you! As in the DRINKING in Whistler's Village!!!

  4. Unfortunately due to an early childhood experience with beets that left me hating them, I cannot share in your enthusiasm about them! HOWEVER, I surely can move to the beat of a good sound, whether it's the Beatles, Motown, Mozart or even some Hip Hop. Oh Lynne, CELEBRATE! Anita

  5. There are two veggies I just won't eat, beets and peas. I bet those dinners are wonderful, though. xo Laura