Saturday, February 8, 2014



 :: ici :: 

(that's what i used to say to the kids when

we hit the cold winter air in the mornings before school!)

we have been so very blessed up here in the PacNWest!

this past week was truly filled with  little ordinary miracles that

have been cherished beyond belief.

:: ici ::

with all of the treacherous weather that has been occurring...

...last Sunday in NY & NJ, it was 50+ degrees at game time!

 Little Ordinary Miracle #1.

youngest, lowest paid ( not for long ), free agents...low round draft the best in football! 


a crystal clear winter day when Seattle more than doubled it's population

with a CELEBRATION mischief...and  a perfect after work commute!


my workmates asked me to take a photograph of our office mood board, before it transitions back to
business as usual on Monday.

those of us in western Washington have been very cold, but have been

blessed not to have been caught in severe weather thus far.


(our neighbors in Oregon had a very tough weather related traffic day, yesterday.)

:: ici ::

after being in Whistler for a week, and the opening of the Winter Olympic Games,

i am kind of in a cool rednatural and blue mood!

lot's of catch up needs to be done now that we have recovered from our 

vacation, and the post Superbowl euphoria!  

happy weekend!



  1. Congrats to your team! It was an interesting game, according to hubby...I'm not much for sports. I do love that mood board. Takes the place of the proverbial water cooler!

    have a great weekend. It is snowing heavily and we were to only get a few flurries. Let's see where this goes!


  2. red . . . natural . . . blue - you cannot go wrong!

  3. Isn't that snow unbelievable. We have had a little snow everyday for days now, and it isn't supposed to get above freezing for the next week. Send us some of your great weather, please.
    xo Laura

  4. Just went into our little gloomy, snow everywhere is huge hills. Almost a small mountain sized pile of snow near our library. Ewwwweee. I swear I ha d a sweater like that once...Time to go to goodwill and buy it back. :):) Hope you are having a fun weekend. xoxo,Susie

  5. Lucky you to get to Whistler!! We are already booked for vacation there this summer. I'm liking those booties at the top and LOVE the mood board. I'm so proud of our team and feel fortunate to have been able to watch this team evolve over the past couple years. Yes.. no monkey business on parade day;) and I think the nation is still in shock. We watched Mic-ed Up last night (not sure if I spelled that right) and really enjoyed hearing the reaction of the players during the game. Such incredible athletes on our team and I'm proud of each and every one.

    My daughter was able to get to the parade and was given tickets (from her Sea Gal friends) to get into the stadium. My husband tried to get to the parade but the traffic was a problem. Unfortunately I had to work .. so I caught bits of it in between my patients.

    Enjoy the weekend!! xxL

  6. I like a little pop of RED in the wardrobe, Lynne, and this red clutch and shoes are so cute. Now, that is something that I can wear, not too high of a heel. I love Nordstrom too. I just bought a red wallet for Valentine's Day that will carry me through the spring.

    The picture of the red car covered with white snow made me smile. We have rain rain rain here in California, and I am loving it, Lynne. Enjoy your weekend.


  7. Bonjour ma chère! BEAUCOUP DE NEIGE! And that red is just a fabulous pop-out color against this white stuff....let's celebrate the white canvas of snow and rock on with our colors! LOVE IT Anita

  8. Love that red. I have been sporting a red scarf lately and it makes me feel wonderful. All smiles. I am still enjoying the winter white snow and the beautiful pinkish-purple sunsets. Congrats to your team!
    Nice post. - Kathleen : )

  9. Bonjour ma chèr copinaute! YES, ROCK ON! Sooooo lovely to see you too, always! Anita