Saturday, February 22, 2014


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i only wish that i traveled so "chic-ly" !

i was close...

very spice travel chic!

before when Mr D and i traveled to Whistler i found the greatest travel - size item to date!

available at World Market
:: ici ::

a savory little spice rack to go!  

i just StUmBleD upon it on a trip to World Market with Chrislyn.  

i came home and showed it to Mr D.

 "look what i found for Whistler!"

he too, thought it was a good find idea!

( i tucked some recipes and a French postcard in the lid. ) 

the very cool thing is that i can refill the tiny jars from their mother spice

cupboard at home.   and while we are not travelling?

the tiny's are amazing to keep in my 

mini - pantry (desk drawer),  for healthier work!

and did i mention the soothing benefit of their aromatherapy?  ahhhhh.....'s Saturday shoes?

my first time in "slip on sneakers"... (outdoors), since Fall!

off to casual errands i go, Fitbit in place! 

have a wonderful and safe weekend.!

i am still worried about the weather patterns visiting some of your hometowns! )



  1. Ohhh, love the red stockings, kind of like our flag here in CANADA! I see you were in Whistler CANADA too, nice!! what a sweet French postcard as well, we have a French Province in CANADA and we play tennis all year around in CANADA too, how lucky are we?? Those pretty shoes would look great in GOLD, yes that's right my friend - GOLD for CANADA!

  2. That box of spices will be handy. I like the lace shoes:):) I used to tell Teddy how much I loved red shoes. He asked me why, I said ,"it must be the ho in me , LOL" Actually, the first shoes I remember wearing were red shoes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, xoxo,Susie

  3. Handy spice box! Love the casual shoes, too.
    Thank you for visiting me via Laura's blog. I think you will love the Woolite pet carpet cleaner. Enjoy the weekend. Mildred

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  5. Unfortunately I don't resemble Madame Chic with heals, matching legs and a beautiful black number (silk?) on my torso when I travel. It's a pair of DVT stockings, linen pants and practical ballet flats for me, with tops I can layer on or off as I travel from one hemisphere to the next.
    The petit containers of herbs and spices are a fabulous idea. I just can't cook without herbs or spices. Consequently my herb garden is substantial …..and the only part of my vegetable patch which survived the summer heat. Bon weekend

  6. Cute little spice things! I love the spice stockings and shoes. i wear tights a lot in the winter. And we are STILL having lots of winter here. xo Diana

  7. Those lacey shoes, OH MY! How fun! Spice up your day my friend with some French inspired recipes! BISOUS!

  8. Oh to travel so chicly!! It's all black and flats for me. Terrific petit spice containers!! I haven't been to World Market since before Christmas. Must pop in for a look. Enjoy your Sunday

  9. She does look chic doesn't she? Well… i'm sure that you have your very own chic style too!
    Enjoy your Sunday…
    XOXO Mary

  10. So very chic! Those stockings and pumps are savvy and very French;) What a great find at World Market! The mini containers are perfect for travel. Whistler is so much fun and I can't wait to visit .. we will be there in July! Hope your are having a relaxing and fun weekend. xxleslie

  11. Sweet friend,

    How lovely to know that you regard my blog as only confirms to me that while doing what I LOVE to do, I can bless another. And thank you for always lifting us up with our FRENCH LOVE!

    Have a marvelous week! Anita

  12. Oh, I love the spice tins, Lynne. World Market is one of my favorite places to shop. They have such unique and cool stuff.

    Those red shoes and stockings are fabulous. You know how much I love red. Have a fun weekend, my friend.


  13. Lynne dear I am having the best time catching up on my blog friends since I'm home from travels. I just had a delicious little tour from you. From your divine looking beat salad to your herb find and everything in between. Love the red pop in the top photo too. Congrats on joining the 10,000 step club. You go girl! That's a motivating post for sure.
    xx, Heather

  14. PS-I also want to thank you for your kind and comforting words on Stylemindchic today at the loss of my friend. I am so sorry to hear what your friend is going through as well. Too many losses all around. With your tender care I know you will be a gift to your friend during this time of grief.
    Hugs to you,