Monday, March 24, 2014


last night before bedtime i made a batch of

cookie dough.  this morning, before sunlight, i baked.

you all know that i am on a quest to change my eating habits and drop some long 

retained pounds of fat. (yes, i am telling it like it is!) when trying to keep the 

sweets out of the house, i found that Mr D took matters into his own, and 

brought home the grocery store variety.

 i  decided to bake sweets weekly once again.

home baked sweets can be contrived as whole foods, and much healthier than

the preservative laced stuff from the grocery store.

:: ici ::

as my nutritionist suggested, when feasible, substitute flour with a bit of

with flaxseed meal. when mixing up this recipe, i made the substitution using

 1/8 of a cup. i was afraid to go with a 1/4 cup at first try.

maybe next time...

using the flaxseed meal instead of the seeds themselves

eliminates the question, "what are these

little seeds in my peanut butter cookies?"...(although, i think

flax seeds could work well with cookie baking.)

my daughter, Chrislyn has become expert at taking her 

family's sweet tooth teeth to a healthier version. 

often, "healthier cooking substitutions, that work

 is one of the topics of conversation during our telephone chats.

this batch made 3 dozen, so i placed 12 in the freezer to keep

for when i don't have a chance to bake.

the little egg cup was my father's when he was a child.

my grandmother would make me a soft boiled egg on some of

 the mornings after i slept over.  i loved the little cup.

she gave it to me when i grew up and moved into my first apartment.

now, it's the first thing that i unpack for Eastertime.

sunshine gift wrap
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it's going to be 67 degrees today! 

(  just like Cali weather! )

i can assure you that many 

Washingtonians are going to be out and about in flip flops today.

on a sad note...i am quite grateful for the recent dry weather.

you may have heard about our terrible landslides lately.

the most recent slide has taken many lives.  we need

Mr Sun to hang out for awhile so the families and rescue workers

get the relief that they need!


i found the peanut butter cookie recipe -here!

it's a good one!

since i refrigerated the dough overnight, i didn't have to 

use sugar to make the fork criss-crosses, thus saving a calorie or two! : )



  1. Good thinking on making your own cookies and knowing that what's in them is just what you want, no junk! So sad about the landslides… enjoy your warmer weather, Happy Monday.
    XOXO Mary

  2. Cookies and sunshine? It can't get any better than that! Enjoy!

  3. Healthy cookies...well that's for me girl. I have a big weakness for cookies. Love them more than cake, pie, and all candy....but chocolates. Bummer. Hope you are doing well. xoxo,Susie

  4. Hello Lynne, what a good girl you are, getting up at the crack of dawn to keep your hubby happy and a little healthier. They look lovely, I have pinned the recipe to collect later, thankyou.
    I tend not to listen to the news very often and didn't know about the landslides, sounds horrendous,and so sad for the families of those who died. You have had some terrible weather, so glad it's flip-flop weather today.
    Keep up the good work my friend. Love the little eggcup and the story behind it, so sweet.
    Much love to you, Linda x

  5. Peanut butter cookies - one of my favorites! These look yummy. How could you look at that glass jar everyday and not indulge in these cookies?

    Have a wonderful week, Lynne.


  6. Bonjour Lynne! I wish you the success you are looking for in changing what you eat. Just enjoy yourself, and do as les françaises do; eat what you enjoy and do a lot of walking! It works!

    Be well chère amie! Anita

  7. It is hard, isn't it, to get off that sugar wagon? I know I struggle with it, too. Your cookies look delicious! xo Diana

  8. I am always SO impressed that you get up SO early and get SO much done while I am simply rolling over in bed! Home baked is much healthier than the store variety - I think, anyway! Louis Dean bought some flaxseed and I am going to start using it......
    We are counting calories at our house too!! I am sipping a glass of Chardonnay as I write! I purposely saved enough of today's calories so I could!!

  9. Your cookies look delicious and that egg cup is so sunny. Yay for the warm weather-you so deserve the warmth and break up there. The news has been so sad with the landslide. Here's to more warm weather for all those reasons you mentioned.
    xx, Heather

  10. Lynne,
    I should have known you were in the fashion magazine industry! No wonder you write such interesting posts and find such great fashions online.

    I am sorry to hear about the landslides and people losing their lives.