Friday, March 28, 2014


monogrammed metis...une nappe parfaite for farm fresh to table Summer dinners.

a delivery of French bread loveliness...arrivé hier!
                                                                       (arrived yesterday!)

brocante with lavande... on my doorstep.  magic!

i  could smell the lavender as soon as i lifted the box!


looking ahead to the weekend...     Mr D is working both days. 

 French butter for a little "weekend special" cooking.

i will be spring cleaning, finishing the decorating details for Easter, grocery shopping,

  and checking in on Mom and Dad. the usual stuff. not too fancy to blog about.

oh!  i forgot to tell you that i am heading to Boise to visit Jay next month!

  i haven't seen him since the holidays. he is driving home for a college friend's 

wedding on April 19th. (yes, that means he will be home for Easter!)

i will ride back to Boise with him, visit for a few days, and fly home!


i wish you a peaceful and enjoyable weekend!

thank you to those who popped in to visit this week! i also

thank those who offered your condolences for the

victims of the landslide in Oso. it's  been a very tough week

for that tiny town and the small towns surrounding it.



  1. That is a sweet gift. I know you will love the lavender. It will be fun for you to have time with your son. Hope it's a safe and pleasant trip.
    The news of the land slide is so scary and sad. Breaks my heart for all involved. I do pray for them. xoxo,Susie

  2. French bread! Lavender! Paris poste cart! What a great way to begin the weekend.


  3. Hello Lynne, enjoy your Spring cleaning and Easter preparations. Your little parcel of goodies looks most interesting. How lovely that you are having some time with your boy. It is Mother's Day here in the U.K. on Sunday, so I shall wish you a Happy Mother's Day too. With love, Linda x

  4. Oh what a lovely visual treat you have blessed me with.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Enjoy your trip and seeing your #1 guy!!

    Love your spring/Easter things. Can't wait to pull mine out! ;-)


  6. Always a pleasure to drop by - I think I can smell your wonderful lavender. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Gorgeous, lovely, so spring/French-like my dear! I hope you will join me this year on my Simply Irresistable French have much to celebrate! LOVE!

    1. Anita!
      J'accepte votre invitation à la fête au château, avec honneur et la joie!

  8. So pretty Lynne! What's not to love about lavender and that butter.. I need to try that! Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned and things to look forward to over the next couple of weeks. Can't ask for more than that! ;) Thanks for stopping over today. I enjoyed your comment!! xxleslie

  9. Butter, lavender...fabulous. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your visit. I love stopping here. Happy weekend. xoxoJennifer

  10. I have tried and TRIED to grow lavender and it just keeps DYING on me!!
    I know how happy you must be to have that upcoming visit with your son.
    They DO hold our hearts, these sons of ours! I am hosting Easter dinner - an evening meal about 6 pm for all my children this year. Can't remember the last time we were together for Easter.

  11. Just beautiful, such gorgeous images. Our lavender brings us so much joy,Lynne, it blooms most of the time here in southern California. I hope that your time with your son is blessed. xo Lidy@