Wednesday, March 5, 2014


:: gluten free biscuits ::

i started a little feature on my sidebar called

recipe of the month.

 currently, the recipes are from Seattle's Macrina Bakery.

i have linked to the pdf  format. the pages are lovely,

and will fit into a loose leaf binder or file for permanent keeping.

:: ici ::

a yummy delivery...

...from my Pacific Northwest "Flavorhood", to you!

i have also placed a link to their blog under my preferred blogs de cuisine.

i may have previously mentioned that when i visited with a nutritionist last month,

she encouraged me to start substituting various types of "flours" into our recipes.

for example, if the bread recipe calls for 3 cups of flour,  go with 2 cups of regular

"wheat" flour and 1 cup "oat" flour.   she also said..."sprinkle a little flax meal

into the mix here and there!"  we need not go gluten-free, but

 i find myself lingering at the "Bob's Red Mill" section at the market now.

 Bob also has a great website too!

 picking and arranging flours has a new meaning at our home now.
our little baking station has become quite sophisticated with it's new flour fare.



  1. Good thing we do not have bakery delivery around here....I would be on the phone right now. Hope your enjoying new things. xoxo,Susie

  2. Bob's Red Mill makes wonderful selection of flours and oats:) Macrina is one of my favorite bakeries and their restaurant downtown is delicious. It's nice that you can get some of their bakery products at local natural food stores. The cookbook.. I need to take a peek at that;)

  3. Lynne,
    I always use unbleached or wheat flour for my baking. The white bleached flour doesn't suit me. These jelly biscuits look so yummy. Bob's Red Mill at the market sounds interesting. You are always making something wonderful in the kitchen. :~)

    Have a sweet day.


  4. I can't pass up a good bakery! I use several of the Red Mill products. I always enjoy seeing what is going on in your kitchen...always yummy!

  5. I love the Red Mill flours. I usually just stick with the WW pastry flour, so need to branch out a bit. Your posts always looks so very beautiful...and yummy. Enjoy your day. xoJennifer

  6. This is just delicious this morning, Lynne! Red Mill flours are one of the best brands out there, too!

    MUCH LOVE to you today! Anita

  7. A recipe of the month, that's a great idea and these biscuits look so good. I shall definitely have to make them. Substituting various types of flours is worth trying too. What a fabulous image of the van and baguettes.

  8. You do have so many wonderful eateries in your area don't you…a foodie's paradise. Love it!
    Hope you are having a good week Lynne.
    Ciao bella, Mary