Saturday, March 1, 2014


first...a healthy a dose of  Leslie's GREEN  SMOOTHIE ! 

... my new morning game face, go to

thank you, Leslie, you are both beautiful and inspiring!

( two BIG revelations came to me last month. 1. i do not move nearly

enough, and  2. Mr D and i need to find a way to consume way more fruits and 

vegetables during the day!   Leslie's smoothie and at least 3000 steps 

before hitting the desk in the morning, are now in the order of the day.)

:: ici ::


what are you doing this weekend?

will you be mixing with family and friends?

are you planning a casual weekend at home,

or will you be tucking your fave flannel into satin and stepping out on the town?
( i'm not too sure about her choice of Saturday shoes...)

:: ici ::

a wee bit of spring cleaning shall be happening here on 34th street.

 that familiar task of sorting through old memories and junk,  once again.

the demands of the next couple weeks are always so "taxing" !

i will take some moments to rest and reflect,

(why oh why do i hang onto this stuff?)

 before i toss the sheet music for my green tambourine!"

(could Nana D. be rubbing off on me just a little?)


it's time to say goodbye to one of the most memorable

Februaries of the Pacific Northwest,



...welcome March and it's widely promoted madness!

Primroses $0.75 each | Friday - Sunday Only!

on Sunday, there shall be Primroses on the porch!



  1. Your know our husbands would not want us hanging out with Nana girl. She'll get us into lots of funny trouble. LOL I love the green flats with denim . But oh that's too green for me.:) I understand what you are saying about get up and get moving...Ted and I need more too. Enjoy your weekend, xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh I love those green pumps;) I'm glad you are enjoying the smoothie! Good for you! Those kinds of things take some getting used to ;) We are knee deep in house stuff getting ready to move and start a home renovation/rebuild project. It's movie night with friends and tomorrow will be fairly low key and will be at home. Have fun! xxleslie

  3. It is Sunday 6.45 am here & I'm reading your post just before I head off for my walk as I too have come to the same realisation as you & Mr D. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Good afternoon, Lynne! Yes, move, move, move as much as you can. I love walking stairs and in the spring and summer, we go in our neighborhood where there are some awesome hills. Fruits and veggies are great to consume in a drink such as Leslie's smoothie and if you drink and eat like this consistently, you will not believe the results. HAVE FUN!

  5. Love all the photos featuring something green! I don't usually do a lot of green but those green shoes are great!

  6. HA! Don't blame ME for anything YOU do! lol Bad influence? Me? Seriously now~~~!!!!
    I know I need to move more-and eat better-and BE better- Oh-heck- what I really need is a full person makeover. lol
    What is my weekend? Well, let's just say I went for coffee by myself and came home with three little girls that attached themselves to my car seats. Surprise, Surprise! lol xo Diana

  7. I spotted this delicious smoothie on Leslie's blog too and you have reminded me to make it! I love everything about the casual outfit especially the green flats. I don't generally wear green but I'm ready for colour after this long winter. So pleased to have stumbled across your lovely blog and now following along.

  8. Hello Lynne, I've been catching glimpses here and there but finally have a chance to sit down and catch up on your fun posts. I love your new zhushing of the blog. You are so French...even if you are still learning the language. You go girl on the moving and the green drink. There is nothing that feels as healthy to me as a good green juice. It's March and you look like you are enjoying every moment so far. xx, Heather