Thursday, March 27, 2014


in 1965 i wallpapered the inside of  my closet with magazine covers.

the first images selected were those of Jean Shrimpton.

Vogue - 1963

 my girlfriend, Anna's mother gave me a stack of

her old magazines for "the closet cover project".

 the cover above was my favorite!

(it inspired me to cut my own bangs.)

:: ici ::

i spent almost twenty years working in the fashion industry.

the latest issue of Vogue magazine was always within reach.  

one of my favorite memories was when i was in labor with 

Chrislyn.  back then, our family practitioner delivered babies.

Dr G had taken care of me since i was in grade school.

he came into my hospital room and stood next to my bed for awhile.

my labor was not progressing well.  

Kim Alexis - America

Kelly Emberg - Germany


my hospital bed was filled with fashion magazines.  

he picked up the (American) January issue of Vogue,

with Kim Alexis on the cover. we thumbed through it together midst a 

couple contractions. he complimented my successful career, then

told me that i had done a good job with labor.

he said that my baby and i had endured long enough...

...he said told me that we would be delivering my precious

 bundle of joy by via C - section.

can you imagine a doctor like that in this day and age?

he even came to check on me the day before...Superbowl wasn't halftime!

i ended my career in fashion on Chrislyn's first day of kindergarten.

Anna's first cover Novenber 1988

( it was, 1988, the year Anna Wintour took the reigns at Vogue America.)

in a effort to cut back on extras i stopped my subscription.

i would toss an occasional issue into the cart, next to the Pampers, at the grocery store.

(always the August and September issues.)

i have not purchased an issue of Vogue for over ten years.

here is why...

i do not have a problem with the Hollywood red carpet and political "fair" 

featured within the pages of the publication, but i have a real

problem with putting some of these people on the cover.


 i said it!

i know, i know...there was Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Candace Bergen,

more recently, Angelina, Natalie and Beyonce'...


what are you thinking?

you have taken America's bible of fashion and turned it into a British-American tabloid!

it's like puff painting a Monet!

i am sorry, you have now lost me completely at Kim and Kanye!

i know.

i am no longer your demographic!

i am no longer the demographic of...

:: ici ::

this magazine, either, but...

...hello Gisele!

look at that face!

wallpaper worthy, if i was only 14 again!

the first fashion "rag" that i have purchased in ten years.

 a magazine that made it into my cart after the initial thumb through.

i am not young.

i am not thin.

but fashion still inspires me.

i am at the age where i have revisited many trends.

re-visiting can be comforting.

it's like meeting an old friend once again!

it's time to keep a current issue of fashion nearby once again,

as i did  long, long ago inside my briefcase with my Cross pen and pencil.

:: ici ::

now it's inside my Madagascar to Marseilles to Moi to Market tote.

dear Porter, please keep the  Mileys, Mindys and Meryls off  the cover.

Uma, tucked within the pages of fashion was a lovely compliment to your first issue.

i know...i'm ramblin'...

isn't that what one does when they bring up the past?

after all, i'm a boomer, who loved a bit of  Zepplin now and then.

( still do! )

ramble on!



  1. Oh- I adored Jean Shrimpton.l still have an interview she gave about 25 years ago torn out and tucked into my archives somewhere. I loved fashion in the 60's, too. When mini-skirts first came out (re:Twiggy) I couldn't find them so I made my own-copying a dress she wore on a cover somewhere. People in our little mountain town were even wore them when I was pregnant with my first son-lol- and I think for a long time afterwards, too.

    Do you remember Veruschka? She fascinated me, too. What wonderful lives we have lived, Lynne, to see all the changes that fashion has made and still find it interesting. xo Diana

    1. I love evrything you said, dear Diana! ...and yes! I do remember Veruschka!
      I bet you were one beautiful, fashionable, mother to be.
      I know why our spirits are kindred!

  2. I'm a bit disgusted by the decision to put Kim and Kanye on the cover but seriously, they are getting more press than they ever did and will probably sell more issues than they usually do. I was grossed out by them choosing Lena Dunham for the cover too…She is the anti-vogue girl..Talented but not what fashionable women want to look like!

    Unfortunately, the printed magazine is a soon to be antique. Everything is going digital. There is nothing like thumbing through that giant issue of fall fashion from vogue (used to be my labor day tradition) but I'm certain that most, if not all magazines, will be read on iPads in the very near future.

    1. Soooo with you on the Lena Dunham cover!
      I still love to hold print. I will until it's gone!

  3. Oh Lynne, what happened to the classic and real glamour today? When I saw the magazine with Kim Alexis I smiled, as I used to get several magazines back in the day and she was on the cover. And don't forget Cheryl Tiegs, another favorite. I haven't picked up a Vogue magazine in awhile, but I love fashion. My mom made many of my clothes growing up. I would describe to her what I wanted, and she would sew them for me, can you imagine?

    What an inspirational post, and now I want to get the latest copy of Vogue......and when I'm looking through it, I'll think of you.


  4. I agree with you. I do not want celebs show me fashion or makeup. I know some modals are celebs in their own way...but not like some of the over fluff personas of film,stage,or TV today. I would have loved your career. I am no longer young, thin or able to wear heels...but I will always love fashion. Don't ever go by what you see me in on my blog..gaaaa. xoxo,Susie

  5. Good evening, Lynne! Fun throwback to an elegant time. And fashion still inspired me to a great deal and I wear what looks good on me, instead of trying to look like someone else. That's FREEDOM! Have fun! Anita

  6. I agree with every sentence you have written, Vogue used to be the bible for fashion and I think that was put to the wayside long, long ago and in its place the almighty dollar.

    I often laugh to myself when it is mentioned that an actress or actor wearing something makes the masses wear it or buy it too. I am not a lemming, I buy what I like and what suits my body, which sadly so many of the people on these magazines do not.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.