Monday, April 21, 2014

a good kind of..."I'm exhausted!"

hello lovelies...

coffee and ohhhhhh sooooo sleepy on this Easter Monday morning!

Friday, i left work at three to have a laser procedure on my left eye. thank goodness for the two hour

nap afterwards...

The Dale Chihuly Glass Museum on the Tacoma waterfront, and our majestic Mt Rainier

it has been a whirlwind 

weekend with little


Jay left Boise after


and moving the 


is personal belongings

into temporary storage.
( i will pick you up to speed about his move
later this week.)

he arrived on 34th

street at 2:24 am

Saturday morning. 

i managed to sneak in 45 minutes of restful sleep until...

... the alarm went off at 3:30 am.

Mr D  had to be to work at the "UW" by 5.

Jaden and Lauren

Jay and i ran some necessary errands, 

dressed and headed for Lauren and

Jaden's wedding in Bellingham at 5pm.

( i was his "plus one", since Camille could not get away from Boise due to work and school.)

the ceremony and reception were held at the Alaska Ferry Terminal at the Port of Bellingham.

Lauren surrounded by her nieces.
(girls rule in her family. )

speaking of "Sleepless"... doesn't Lauren look a little like "Meg Ryan" here?

she always dresses "classic"..."understated and elegant".  she loves silk, so it did not surprise me that

her gown was white dupioni.

it was very plain on the front. the only "detail" was on the back...covered buttons and subtle sheering.

Lauren is Jay's close friend from his college days.

she is from a family filled with girls!

Lauren helped Jay chose

his bible, and has been

his "plus one"

date at weddings when

he wasn't dating

anyone at the time...and

vice versa.

she is also his personal

shopper at Nordstrom,

(she is a floor

manager at the Bellevue

Square store).

after the ceremony, they announced "#the hashtag", and told everyone to Instagram as much as

they wished!

the minister was

Jaden's brother.

there was a "selfie"

before Jaden and

Lauren headed down the

aisle as man and wife!





...very rosy cheeked, after a blonde ale at the

cocktail hour, a glass of "Cab" with dinner, and a

flute of champagne for toasting!

we arrived home from Bellingham at almost 1:00 am

Easter Sunday morning.

i threw on my yoga pants and a t-shirt, made a cup of tea, and fell asleep on the couch, before

eventually waking up and going to bed.

before church i made biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls.

Chrislyn, Jason and the kiddos in radiant orchid, orange, celadon and navy! 

Chrislyn and Jason hosted Easter dinner for 20+.

 i was in charge of the "cooked greens", so  i roasted  four pounds of  broccoli, and sauteed "haricots verts"

in olive oil and butter. i tossed in roasted pine nuts, shallots, garlic, and topped it all off with shaved parm.

the energizer bunnies kept going...

and going.

they even managed a twilight round of golf with Uncle Jay, before bath time!

happy Easter Monday!



  1. I wasn't even there and I am exhausted too. LOL. You look beautiful as do your children. Lovely wedding. Who would not want a houseful of beautiful girls ?? Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  2. A whirlwind weekend that sounds wonderful.

    We were away visiting family for Easter and it is nice to be back in town.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your selfie!!!
    What a wonderful kind of tired that is today. I am feeling much the same. I so enjoy visiting with you and loved the beautiful wedding pics. Easter and family and blessings. Wonderful......
    Now - about this alarm clock thing......

  4. What a magical weekend!! No wonder you're so tired. I love those little darlings all dressed in tulle skirts. So adorable. What a lovely bride and a beautiful setting. Enjoy your week and rest up. xoJennifer

  5. What a wonderful post and that is just a beautiful bride. LOVE the picture of her with her nieces. Nice selfie...and here I ALWAYS pictured you with dark hair. lol See-it is good to actually see people sometimes. Darling pictures of ALL the kiddos-big and little! Hope you have a wonderful week! xo Diana

  6. Late as always, but so happy to see your beautiful family and YOU, LYNNE!!!!!!!!

  7. Lauren is gorgeous and yes.. Meg Ryan! Okay, I'll need to say hi when I'm at Bellevue Square;) and gorgeous spot in Bellingham. We were there a couple of weeks ago:) Get some rest gorgeous (excellent self portrait:):) xxleslie

    New address is
    I've updated my blogroll with your address and working out the kinks with the change in blog format. Still more changes to come but I'm getting there.

  8. well after all of that I would be exhausted also + loved getting to see you.

  9. What a wonderful Easter! Loved seeing the photos of your family and the friend's wedding. All the little girls in their tutus is such a special photo that all of them will treasure for years to come.


  10. You are such a beautiful family, Lynne. Blessings to all.
    Love your rosy cheeked selfie. ;)