Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A RANDOM HUMP DAY HUDDLE...sporting some casual fashion, LOVE and...R O A D T R I P !

hellooooo lovelies!

 let's huddle!

we often speak "sports metaphor" in the house.

believe me, it was an incremental part of parenting at times.

we anticipate the occasional hard to hit curve ball,

we know how to tackle, and love the feeling of accomplishing a  home run!

"off course?"

"sand trap?"

"get up and out of that bunker, life is great up on the green!"
(it's no wonder that i am the mom of a television "sports guy", and a daughter 
who has run marathons of miles!)


(who doesn't need a little hump day half way pep talk once in a while!
each day can "opening day"!)

" a day when the slate is wiped clean and a new season of 
self-growth and abundance begins. to 
step onto our metaphorical fields and not worry about 
what others think or say, but to do what we 
came out here to do–play our game with passion
 and purpose to the best of our ability." 

~Luke Iorio

sure it's  cliché ...but it's totally OK if it helps one hit

that occasional three point... from the corner!

:: ici ::

during the past few


i have met some


new blog friends! 

thank you so much for

taking the time to leave a

comment introduction!


my blog has introduced me to so many genuine, lovely, caring and inspiring people.

i love that we share ideas, thoughts, the highs and sometimes the lows in life...

i love our "pep talks"!

j'aime notre poésie!
(yes, there can be poetry inside a huddle!)

...i mean will find lift, laughter, and lovely 
within the hearts and souls that gather here!


lets talk white jeans!  

let's talk fashion!

while i am

working on

lowering my

cholesterol, i am

dying to wear two 

size down white

jeans on Memorial

Day weekend! 

of course,  i won't be in  SKINNY whites!   

( i am white jeans by Memorial Day notes to myself, every day.)

:: chambray bleu avec des perles et des petits pois!
                                                                        (chambray blue with pearls and polka dots!)

the image above is of my beautiful Chrislyn at sweet Mr Ben's first visit to the dentist the week before last.

Ben was a perfect patient.

Dr Yoshino's dental assistant couldn't resist this Kodak Instagram moment!

it will be a great memory for his baby book!

:: ici ::

:: chambray bleu avec la tortue et petits pois!
     (chambray blue with tortoise and polka dots!)

would i have ever thought to put a look like this together in a million years?

does chambray go with black polka dots on khaki?

well, it does here!

scream adorable!

(scratch head...what did i do with those fabulous Ralph Lauren sunglasses that i wore in 
the late 90's? )


 live for the drives and those hugs of joy in between!

major mom movie love...

(yes, Sandy B. looks "killer" in white crops!)

one Mississippi!!

Go Cougs!

Go Hawks!

Diana!  this one's for you!

in a few minutes,  i will be departing on a road trip to Boise with my FAVE sports guy.

(a little "one on one" with my son.)

i finally cashed in on that Christmas ticket i received three years ago!

 ( flying home Sunday morning.)


break huddle!



  1. What a fun post!

    A cheer from my high school days for you -

    You can do it!
    You can do it!
    You can!
    You can!

  2. How sweet the first little dental appointment! Love the fashions… have a wonderful one on one…enjoy!
    XOXO Mary

  3. LOL- What a fun post and I am going to look up that ring! WHERE would I wear it? lol Good luck on the white jeans. I have not had a pair of white jeans on in a whole lotta years! xo Diana

  4. happy trails to you + son + what a fun post.

  5. Lynne,
    ok, I would love to have one of those Starbuck's rings. Where can I get one hehehe?


  6. Ma belle! Je suis en retard ici! Oh Lynne, my birthday was a FABULOUS whirlwind of messages and Facebook, email and blog wishes and I loved it. I hardly had time to visit blogs! I LOVE THAT POLKA DOT SKIRT and love the combinations you are sharing. And isn't blogging wonderful? I am so glad to have met you and I hope you will join my French party this summer.

    Much love to you Lynne and thank you for coming to visit! Anita

  7. I used to wear polka dots, till I gained weight. Still love them.
    Glad I found your blog. yvonne

  8. Thanks for the great comment. Well Wicked Strong came in 4th. If he had won $70,000 was going to the Victims of the Boston Bombing. Have a beautiful Sunday, Wow! Mothers day is around the corner,
    then I go to NYC for a fantastic Military wedding.