Sunday, April 13, 2014

A SUNDAY SINATRA...and...a drop of PAPERY RAIN !

out of the tree of life, i just picked me a plum
you came along and everything started to hum
still it's a real good bet, the best is yet to come...

helloooo lovelies!

i made Mr D's coffee at 3:45am. 

he has been off to work for three hours.

just poppin' on the blog to share what i found to inspire me this morning...

~ a precious Texas girl  @ papery rain

"believing that tomorrow has something magical waiting for you is the foundation 
to being able to see the joy in everyday."  
~Ramie Leigh

to read the rest of her inspiration...visit here!

ready for old blue eyes?

it's shining on 34th street!



  1. Good morning dearest Lynne! It is good that I read this at this moment; I am on my way to Urgent Care for this vertigo that will not go away and for a new symptom of a strange feeling on my face! I will think about GOOD THINGS yet to come. Have a great day! Anita

  2. I just feel so honored that you would use my drawing and link my blog on your beautiful blog. Thank you so much. I love the beauty throughout your blog, it is inspiring. Thank you again so much.
    Ramie Leigh

  3. Well, you were up early, Lynne! Hope your day is full of "good things to come". Praying for Anita above me, too. xo Diana

  4. You do mornings better than anyone I know!! And you do them so cheerfully!

  5. Good morning to you too!! What a lovely quote, very cheerful! Have a great rest of your day.

  6. Adored the Sinatra piece + praying for Anita + Have a lovely day(sun) + the week.