Friday, April 25, 2014


this morning,  i popped down to the lobby bistro, (where they serve Starbucks), to purchase a non~fat

white chocolate mocha for Jay and a skinny two pump vanilla latte for me.

a handsome gentleman (Gilles) with a French accent took my order.

i asked, "what part of France are you from?"

he said, "Paris"!

we chatted a bit while the barista blended the drinks...



handed me that familiar paper cup...




bonjour Boise!

bonjour vendredi!

bonjour café au lait à la vanille!

bonjour lovelies!



  1. Bonjour mon amie.
    Oh, how I've missed your French bread Fridays. It has been a bumpy ride for me lately. I think all of last year's transition finally caught up with me, but inch by inch I'm beginning to settle down and not vent so much on poor blogger with a new page every other month. teehee
    I know I told you before, but I am IN LOVE with your header. May I camp out for a while? ;) It's gorgeous.
    Have a lovely, lovely.

  2. How very nice !! I love the cup. I probably would have hung around and listen to the man talk. Ted says my daughter Angie and I do that so we can pick up the accents then practice them till we make everyone nuts. LOL. Hope you weekend is blessed, xoxo,Susie

  3. Ah, paris never loses its appeal, and i adore the french. I work with many a french colleague and thdy are witty, educated, artistic and always ready to dream and discuss anything. What a super encounter today mon amie! Bisous, anita

  4. So guess what?? I am going to Paris for the first time next Wednesday and your post just made me so happy!! Yay for Paris and all its beauty!!

  5. What a wonderful way to get your Starbucks! The last time I was in Paris, I saw a Starbucks store on the street leading to the Paris Opera House. Its window was filled with Paris Starbucks coffee cups stacked high. Of course, the price for a cup was pure Parisian also.


  6. Sigh....I dream of Paris as well. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  7. The perfect dream cup!! Love it- xo Diana

  8. I thought you were in I wrong? Love Starbucks wherever I can get it! :)


  9. WOW! Starbucks in Paris.
    These corps. really go after the bucks.
    I have and will never have a cup of STARBUCKS.

  10. Interesting how his Parisian accent transported your coffee:)). I often wonder why a Parisian or French person would want to love here...we seem to all want to live there!! Or at least just visit. Happy weekend Mon ami ! xoxoJennifer

  11. Starbucks in Paris? Oh dear, what have we come to! Un demitasse oui, servi avec un petit chocolat et biscuit leger, OUI!
    Bon weekend,

  12. Lynne,
    I LOVE the Paris cup! Do they sell these now? I would love to get one. I bet it was a pleasure talking with the waiter who was from Paris. I hope you enjoyed your vanilla latte. I am getting my café Americano tomorrow. :~)


  13. I have never been to Paris nor am I likely to go in this lifetime! I love it through you and your love for it though. Amber and Mike went the year they lived abroad. I asked her to bring me back something paper - and she brought 2 sturdy paper coasters they used when at a little bistro. I have one stapled to my wall in the bedroom.