Saturday, April 12, 2014


V O I L A !

S A T U R D A Y it is!

:: ici ::

is this look not

casual errand perfect?

as you can see

the shoes are a bit out of


for a reason...

...the bag.

chic to me?

i'll say!

(and when i saw this look,

a visit with my Dad 

awhile back came to 


"Lynne, i have this old set of binoculars...would you be interested in them?"

"yes, Dad!"

"they are very the case!" 

"thank you!"

"i will definitely use them!"

i took the binoculars home and hung them on the front of our black curio cupboard.

...and there they stayed until i spied that image above!!!

in little while...

...i will be headed over to Mom and Dad's to deliver Maria's lavender linen

pillow sachet.  (Dad hinted for one a couple weeks ago.)

check out my new rough luxe cross body bag on the farm table!

you know that i will feel very lifted "sporting" it with bleu jeans and my favorite French

market basket on this farmer's market opening day!

i can't wait to hear Dad's comment when i pop my new bag on their farm table!


  1. Don't you just love it when you find a treasure that's been sitting under your nose for so long? I remember my father having the same case and binoculars! Enjoy your Saturday dearest Lynne! Anita

  2. I think your dad is going to be touched. I love it. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  3. I love it and your Dad is going to be so happy to see that! It is perfect! xo Diana

  4. Lynne,
    What a nice gift from your dad. I love the binocular bag, it's so old looking. This is something you can keep forever, as it is a treasure from your dad. I love reading things like this. It makes my heart sing.

    Have a nice weekend, my friend.


  5. When I saw the first picture I thought sort of the same thing. I began wondering if I could possibly find my dad's binoculars. Love the look! Bonnie

  6. I love the bag!! Did you find the source. Yours is delightful as well.

    Dad wanted a lavender sachet? Please expand on that! ;-)

    I have binoculars at the lake and I pretend to look at birds and really spy on the neighbors. Ha! But you knew that was part of my personality, Lynne.


  7. What a beautiful binocular bag.

    You make me want to get dressed up cute to run my errands today . . . but first the garden.