Thursday, May 15, 2014


words from my son when i picked up the phone at work yesterday afternoon...

(yes, it was a loaded question.)

(in my heart i knew this was coming...)

"i am going to be on at 5:40 PDT...LIVE!"

i promptly requested to leave early so i could be home in time to tune in!

most of you know that i was over to

visit Jay in Boise about three weeks


when he drove me to the airport he

told me that he would be back at the

airport the next morning to fly to LA

to interview a new Boise State football

recruit with a very special story.

"Mom, he's a really great kid who has survived the loss of his mother, the fallout from "Katrina",

and now in the midst studying for his finals at Fullerton...he's homeless!"

  1. Antoine Turner
  2. In the news
    The NCAA has responded to a request from Boise State and will allow the school to 'provide immediate assistance' to homeless signee Antoine

Jay's story about Antoine Turner aired last Sunday.

Before the show was over, the good will virus began to spread.

the community of Boise was calling...

folks from all over the country were calling...

Antoine's circumstance was called to the attention of Boise State University.

...and yesterday, a ruling came down from the NCAA... Antoine would not have to wait until June for

a home in Boise.




after last night's broadcast, he received a call from Antoine...

Following the news, Turner passed along this statement to KTVB sports director Jay Tust:

"I want to thank the people of Boise and Boise State for the love they have showed me in my life right now. I want to thank the NCAA for allowing assistance. I'm humbled by the situation. I'm humbled by the fact I went through what I went through and I want to thank by grandparents for teaching me to be humble. The best thing is - kids that are going through a similar situation can view this as an inspiration. They can succeed. There are still people that care and just because somebody tells you that you can't do something, it doesn't mean you can't. Now, I would like to focus on my finals, getting to Boise and getting back to the game I love - football."

Antoine wanted to tell his story to Jay so he could inspire other young people in circumstances like his.

( i remember my Chrislyn telling me that the students she mentored at the College 

Success Foundation didn't always have a comfortable environment to study. )

Antoine likely studied in the library at Fullerton, then went to sleep on a park bench most nights.

if you would like to view "A Suitcase And A Dream" will find it here!

yesterday, i also saw a dream come true for my son.  his interview on ESPN was flawless.

he spoke on Antoine's behalf, with humility, and respect in this moment of national attention.

after the interview, he told me...i wish i could have said, "i love sports".  i told him, he didn't need to

say it.  anyone who knows Jay, knows that he told Antoine's story...

withLove...Go Blue!


  1. What a heartwarming story, Lynne!! Thank you to you and Jay for sharing it with us! xoxo

  2. I got the chills reading this Lynne ! How wonderful and special this story is… and for so many reasons! I know that you are so proud of Jay. Enjoy your day…
    XOXO Mary

  3. Oh this is all so wonderful. I know you are beaming, I sure would be. Blessings to all involved. xoxo,Susie

  4. PHENOMENAL story~~Good for your son, too!!!! xo Diana

  5. What a wonderful story and so happy that your son was the one to share it. xo Laura

  6. Dearest Lynne, you must be so proud. GREAT STORIES I'm running into today in Blogland...this is so fun.

  7. What a touching story of Antoine and how wonderful that your son is the one who reported it.

    You deserve to be proud!

  8. Go JAY! What an inspiring story about Jay, not just about Antoine. The two together got to live their respective dreams. You must be very proud to know you "raised" such a wonderful young man.


  9. Lynne, Heart warming and inspirational story .. you must be so proud of your son! I love that quote from The Blind Side. Such a good movie:) Happy weekend to you! xxleslie

  10. What a heartwarming and touching story Lynne! My Friday needed this. Congratulations also on raising such a fine young man. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. This story gave me chills Lynne. Thank you for sharing the inspiration and how amazing that your son could be such a part of it. What a golden moment for you all! I want you to know how much your kind words about the 'chic and loving Cali girl'. That touched me, especially after a particularly draining week, and I shared your words with my husband. These blogging connections are so real. Love it! enjoy all your fun celebrations and happy weekend girlfriend!
    xx, H

  12. I can only begin to imagine what a proud mama you must be, Lynne. Inspiring story.

  13. What an absolutely inspiring story … on so very many levels! Hard to type any more … do to the tear flow.