Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Mr D and i were outside most of the day.

i thought it would be fun to take  random
snap shots with my new Windows phone.
(i chose the "Windows" over the "i"  for it's
camera lens and battery life.)

so far, i am loving this phone. 

do you see what i see?                                                                    

i am referring to the buds in the foreground. )    


...and here !



L a v e n d e r !       

this pot is ready to cut and bundle for drying!

yesterday was also
opening day for the Lilies!

can you believe this little
phone camera o' mine?

...snapped at dusk.


i'm really "digging" it, lovelies!

we bought out first flat of annuals!

a newly placed pink snap dragon, and my photo bomb feet.

with thoughts of Holland and Ben,
i opted for some snap dragons
this year.

my Grandmother Elizabeth planted
them for me, as i loved to make
the talk when i was small.


the Windows phone also has a "personal assistant" like the iphone's "Siri".  her name is "Cortana",

if you ask her the question..."Who's your daddy?", she answers, "Bill Gates...no big deal!"

it cracked me up!

the Chocolate Gousse has been  fed.

Mr D is out the door and on his way to work at the UW.

off to the office after the "four day"!

i am so grateful that my back to work Monday is already T U E S D A Y !

i hope that your weekend was as productive and blessed as mine!



  1. I have a Windows phone, too and love the camera. I take all of my photos with it. Yours are beautiful. My only complaint with it is the lack of apps. I hope they improve on that. I was finally able to get Instagram. Have a wonderful day. xo Laura

  2. I think this is one of my favorite posts because flowers and nature are a big part of my life. The pink ones are so beautiful in the first picture......and I can smell the lavender from here. Your new Windows phone is working for you, Lynne. I'm so glad to hear that you and husband stopped and smelled the roses (flowers) yesterday. It's something that we all need to do once in awhile.


    ps I can't believe you didn't touch up that Liily photo - it's gorgeous.

  3. that phone camera is amazing + thanks for stopping by the blog + your comment was so sweet. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Your images are gorgeous, Lynne. Glad you're taking the time to smell the flowers.
    My pink indulgence weekend was beyond wonderful, plenty of pampering and girl time with good friends.
    Have a nice week.

  5. Everything is looking pretty now. Love the snap dragon story. Once I found one in the street when I was coming home from church I was about 10....I thought it was a tiny orchid.LOL...xoxo,Susie

  6. WOW that phone takes some awesome pictures, Lynne! That last one especially - UNTOUCHED? I can't even get any of my photos to look that good with my limited knowledge of Photoshop! BRAVO! Anita

  7. Your phone takes GREAT pictures. Everything looks just lovely. Back to the real world today, huh?;>) xo Diana

  8. Great photos, Lynne. And your phone has a sense of humor. What more can you ask for?!

    Sent from my iPhone with much struggling,


  9. Your flowers are lovely Lynne… Priscilla loved to make snapdragons "talk" when she was little too… we still love them, and i'm sure that Holland and Ben will love them too. Enjoy your short week…
    XOXO Mary

  10. Everything is so pretty!! Amber has that 'Siri' and she told her she had quadruplets. Siri responded, "Well, I suppose that is possible!'

  11. Love this post.
    Flowers are part of my life, we all need to stop and smell the roses.
    Glad you shared with us.