Saturday, May 24, 2014


they are comfortable... sixty three and change here,
and 19.99 out the door at Target.!
(hmmm... for fun and funky...a no brainer! )

it's officially 

farm to table season!


...time to 

plate the fresh 


 like this!

i am currently stalking Rachel Phipp's. . . K e n t i s h . . . L o n d o n i s h . . . food diary here!

i love to plate our farm to table on rectangles!

 i have started a small dinner for two collection from our neighborhood market section of

 B.I.A. Cordon Bleu! it's the very same stuff that you find at 

Sur la Table, which is almost twenty miles from 34th street.

the affordable Cordon Bleu can also be 

found here any day of the week! 

i know that you are going to love Rachel's diary!

i am off to the market with Mr D!

have a perfect Saturday!



  1. Have fun at the market. I would fall of those shoes and kill myself :)

  2. Well Lynne, that looks good. I had a hot dog yesterday at the picnic. That's rare food for me. Those shoes look like cute torture devices. LOL. Flip-flops even worse. LOL. If I had to wear flip-flops , I would tell secrets I don't even know. Ha. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, xoxo,Susie

  3. The shoes look like too much of a challenge for me - hate heights, but I would love to share that tasty platter. It looks delish. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. Good morning Lynne! Now those shoes are fabulous! I need a a pair of comfortable new and stylish shoes to sport about town. Off to Target I go today! HUGS TO YOU! Anita

  5. Happy Sunday!! I'll have a peek at TarJay for those. I just might be able to get away with them. I can't wear anything high or uncomfortable, but the platform might be doable. Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend! xoJennifer

  6. Hi Lynne, Love those shoes and I will check them out! It's a bit chilly this morning but .. so far no rain! I wore white the other day and lucked out ;) We are a couple weeks away from construction of our new place and I'm feeling a little sad because some of my summer entertaining will be missed. I just need to get through this .. and hopefully it will be worth it. Have a wonderful weekend:):) xxleslie

  7. Oh Lynne, I just came in from a little jaunt outside in my garden where things are finally coming to life. Now to come back to see you here is a blessing. Thank you for saving my post for a quiet moment. Oh how kind you are! I love how you said you were sorting out photos from childhood, graduation and now marriage. It is crazy how this one beautiful life passes us so fast.

    ENJOY THIS SUNDAY at the farm table! Bisous, Anita