Tuesday, May 20, 2014


for last weekend's couples wedding shower,

Chrislyn and i baked "signature" cupcakes for the bride and groom.

if you read my blog last week you know that i  planned to make Aimee's

i tried converting grams to cups, then i thought...

"hey, Lynne...get out your trusty little scale!"

so i baked in grams all the way.  for those of you that are seasoned

metric cooks, you must be laughing at me a bit right now...especially

"les filles internationaux".  i must admit i loved it!  i felt quite proud of myself.

 there is a whole new world of recipes out there for me, and my "échelles métriques" to conquer!

since this was my first attempt at this recipe, i was a bit nervous as the 

cakes were baking.  i turned on the oven light and said a few kitchen prayers

as i placed them in the oven.  i visited the illuminated cakes as they were baking,

and said another prayer or two or three...

twenty - two minutes later...voila! 


( just the way Aimee said they were supposed to look!)


 my lovely, and yummy tribute to Anna, ready to go!


Chrislyn's tribute to TY was 

beer and peanuts!

she made Guinness Stout chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting.

(move over Reese's peanut butter cups!)

still being the proud mom that i am, i brought one home and

"put it on a pedestal"  for a quick little "shot, to share" with you!



  1. Well, yummy, is about all I can say. Slobbering on my shirt front:):) Who would not want a tasty cupcake? Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Lynne, your cupcakes look great… good job getting the scale out, makes measuring things so much more accurate, you may never go back to using a measuring cup… St Germain…LOVE it. Chrislyn's cupcake looks great too. How fun to make cupcakes for the bride and groom ! Enjoy your week…
    XOXO Mary

  3. You cupcakes look so good Lynne. I can easily eat the frosting right off ;) AND those stout and peanut butter cup cupcakes look incredible too!

  4. Lovely blog. I have enjoyed reading your beautiful posts. You did a great job with the his and her shower. Lots of inspiration.

  5. How perfectly awesome!! That Guiness one really interested me! There was a cupcake shop in Katy called Ooh-La--La and they had the best Guiness cupcakes! I never thought about making them myself but perhaps I will give it a try sometime! Beautiful post and such wonderful cupcakes!!

  6. Lynne, you are awesome! Of course, you would cook using metrics. Both your cupcakes and your daughter's cupcakes look so yummy. I am wishing for one now.


  7. Oh wow, those cakes look and sound wonderful, wish I could bite into them. You are a clever girl there will be no stopping you now! Many thanks for your lovely comments I will remember now to take the camera to the shop. Have a lovely day, with big hugs, Linda xx

  8. I love how you celebrate every day life dearest Lynne; you are French to the core. Anita

  9. What a fabulous idea … so beautifully executed! Well done indeed!


  10. Everything looks scrumptious, Lynne, especially the way you are savoring the moments. That is life to me, a series of moments, and I have long made up my mind to enjoy every morsel.
    I'll take one of each cupcake, please. ;)
    PS- Love your profile pic.

  11. Your cupcakes looks delicious, Lynne. Oh my, those chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting that Chrislyn made - I want one! Chocolate and peanut butter, two of my favorite things. Isn't it nice when our baking turns out for us? Jess is the baker in the family. I will have to tell her about these.