Monday, May 5, 2014

The E N V E L O P E please...yes...the R E D one!

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i started blogging as a creative outlet when i became

 an empty nester. i know that i am in the company of others

that started their blog for the very same reason.

i will admit, at one time, i considered the monetary rewards from

blogging, especially with retirement on the horizon, (in about 5 years).

i did monetize it for awhile. when the political ads popped up, i promptly

postponed  my relationship with adsense.


about a month ago, i received a kind email from

red E N V E L O P E.  someone had read my post, "GRANDMA CONTESSA and a RECIPE!",

 about Holland observing Ina Garten making a smoothie on the Food Network and

stating, "Look Mama! Grandma's on TV making a smoothie!"

(i still get a kick out of that story!)

the email said..."in honor of Mother's Day, we would like to send you a gift!"

so many Mother's Day Gifts to chose from...

who me?

my petite, boutique blog?, there was so much to choose from.

i chose the personalized garden tote!

when it arrived, i thought...

i may not use this as a garden tote!

i...just...may...use it as my farmer's market bag!

pockets...pockets...pockets!  nicely finished! nice details.

there's a pocket for my wallet, cell phone, shopping list, camera,
mini journal, lipstick, sunblock, water bottle, sunglasses, readers...dare i say more!

i loved the fact that the real suede handles were long enough to

toss over my shoulder... will fit inside my French market basket perfectly!


when it came time to pack for my road trip to Boise with Jay...

hmmmm...i am going to pack my new garden tote!

i'm telling was a great decision!
( all my travel necessities at reach! even my laptop! )

all those pockets!
( perfect for those darn charger cords! )

my trip back home was by air. the tote fit nicely under the seat in front of me allowing quick access!
( it's snap kept everything inside through the TSA scanner!)


never once did red Envelope say that the gift was conditional to mentioning them on my blog.  

in the truest spirit of blog world protocol,

we never allow kindness or a good deed go by without a shout out!

i just paid the red Envelope gift giving spirit forward by

ordering the COOLEST couple's shower gift for my second son, Jay's best friend, Ty!

...and i qualified for FREE SHIPPING!

i have to keep Ty's gift under wraps until after May 17th!

thank you to the folks at red E N V E L O P E!

being a Mom of great kids is a  l i f e t i m e achievement award in itself, but

your gift, with it's recognition is so greatly appreciated, and

will be toted around the town...



  1. Congrats on the gift and your fun choice.

    I used to get the catalogue, but I haven't ordered anything from Red Envelope for a long time. I need to check them out.

  2. My goodness, what a wonderful gift. I love it . It is too nice to tote to the you I could find many uses for it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. What a fabulous bag and a fabulous post!

  4. What a wonderful, generous gift. I used to order from Red Envelope but they just seemed to fall off my radar. I'll be heading over for a peek. I also better have a look at my adsence...lord knows what they've been putting on my site. Enjoy your Monday! xoxoxJennifer

  5. Very nice! I love useful gifts and like your idea of of multiple purposes.
    All the best for a great week (let's hope it stops raining for awhile...Quack, quack!)

  6. Wow, congratulations. What an amazing bag. xo Laura

  7. Chère amie!!!! I am late, but am here to hug you for just being such an enthusiastic friend. BLogging for me has changed my life, it really has. For whatever reason we all started, we have found ourselves in the company of others who just want to share. Thank you for the uplifting posts and friendship OH!!!!!! GOOD MRI IS NORMAL!!!!!

  8. Oh don't you just love surprises? I think you did choose wisely. Congrats, Bonnie

  9. Lynne,
    What a wonderful surprise from a wonderful source (redENVELOPE) to a wonderful person! Thanks for sharing. I love uplifting stories especially about companies. Your blog is one of those places that always gives me a great feeling!


  10. I began blogging for the exact same reason and it has truly changed my life!!! I adore your garden tote!! Have a beautiful week!! xoxo