Wednesday, May 14, 2014


...are going fly by!

:: ici ::

there are birthdays to celebrate,

... from 3 to 30 to 60! anniversary of 41.

a couples wedding shower...


(our dear friends son, and Jay's

best friend's) wedding!

i  will be blogging about some of the places that inspire me, to share with you,

for keeping, and ongoing inspiration.


this weekend is the couples shower! 

the atmosphere is casual, and packed with good food, fun, and lot's of old stories! 

the farm table is in full productive 

mode!  ( just a little peek...i'll share the

finished pieces next week.)

Chrislyn and i are making the banners and the cupcakes. Chrislyn is making the signature cupcake for the 

groom. ( her choice is still under wraps... )  i have the pleasure of making the bride's signature cupcake!

i found... 

:: ici ::


 A M A Z I N G



Elderflower honey 




butter cream!

Aimee's blog is one of my favorite "galeries culinaires"!

( it's a visual P I N F E S T! )

:: ici ::

other than my son Jay's fragrant 

backyard in Boise, her blog was 

my favorite stop during this 

year's Lilac season. 

:: ici ::

i know!

...this gives a whole new 

meaning  to that "sweet - 

succulent - major - garden - 

trend - crush"  that is going on 

right now! the fun in the sun begins!

our HONEY(S) MUST DO list is a two pager!

i will be sharing the journey to July 5th...



  1. It sounds like you will be very busy with lots of fun celebrations! Can't wait to read and see all your amazing things you'll be working on. The Elderflower Honey Cupcakes look delicious! Let the journey begin!! Happy Wednesday!!

  2. I am glad I am the grandmother for the two weddings and one graduation coming up in my family.LOL. The cupcake is so pretty. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Wow! Looks like lots is going on in your life- and I know that you will handle it with grace and aplomb. LOVE those cupcakes-they look wonderful and can't wait to see the groom's cupcakes, too- xo Diana

  4. This is so gorgeous mon amie...when I saw the flowers in the pot, I was wondering what was up! Elderflower honey? That makes me want to go back to France NOW for some lavender honey or some sirop...a delicious blue flower syrup for mineral water. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

  5. So much fun planned for the summer. I look forward to seeing each event unfold!!

    The Windows of Buck House

  6. The lilac cake recipe . . I have it on my blog today too! It's so pretty and with all the lilac in full bloom it's temping to try this. Lynne sounds like it's going to be a fun but very busy next few weeks for you! So.. are the couples showers the standard these days?? I've been hearing about lots of "couple showers" and I'm not sure if that excludes the traditional Bridal Shower. The Elderberry Honey cupcakes with mascarpone butter cream sound incredible! xxleslie