Saturday, June 28, 2014


Mr  D and i had a dinner date.

"grandma, grandpa...

should we go to the Disney Store?"

"yes, Holland."

all of the sale's associates in the store said...OMG!

she looks just like Princess Anna!

(she did not choose Princess Anna!)

she checked out Doc McStuffins.

(she did not choose Doc Mc Stuffins.)

after shopping, it was time for dinner.

after she finished her dinner, she stood up and said, "grandma, grandpa...

are we going to have dessert?"

the moment she finished her sentence, our waitress and her

counterparts were at our table with an illuminated strawberry cupcake!

( perfect timing!)

she politely offered to share a bite with both of us...and proceeded to dig in to her dessert!
( nice job to Mommy and Daddy on the sharing part!)

as for her choice at the Disney Store?

she went for the Classics!

Mr D had Disney music programmed into Pandora!

we sang all the way home!

Bibbidi ~ Bobbidi ~ BOO!


"how do you know the song?"

"it's MAGIC, Holland!"

( Chrislyn posted this on facebook at bedtime.)

the magic grows with each generation!

partying all weekend...the weekend...the wedding!


( i had mentioned in a previous post that i was going to show you the awesome tunic that i purchased for Holland's under the sea party today, but it didn't ship by Wednesday, so i cancelled the order.
it's not a big deal!  especially after last night!)


  1. You make me SO excited to have grandchildren!!!! Have a beautiful weeken, Lynne!! xoxo

  2. I have definite grandchild envy - one day!

    Holland is adorable.

  3. Good morning gorgeous little Holland! Et ta grand-mère, Lynne! Bon samedi mon amie! Anita

  4. Oh, dear Lynne, I know exactly how you feel. I have a little grand-daughter who's turning 4 at the end of July. It is just so much fun to be with her, and the guys too, but she makes my heart sing. These photos are wonderful and I enjoyed seeing how much fun she was having...and YOU too. much love, sweetie...

  5. What a FUN date! Holland looks so happy and adorable, and absolutely looks like Princess Anna! Singing Disney songs in the car is the best, love it!
    Have a wonderful weekend …
    XOXO Mary

  6. Oh Lynne,
    I loved this post very much. You know how much my girls love Disney, and they are all grown up! You're never too old for Disney. Holland looks like she is having the time of her life browsing through the Disney store. And she chose the classics - how funny. It's so good that she has manners, and what wonderful parents to have taught her that.

    Enjoy the weekend, Lynne. Truly a magical post.


  7. So precious! Thank you for sharing Dear,

  8. This is an adorable post...what a cutie pie Holland is. Hope you got plenty of sweet hugs. She is at sweet adorable age. What a nice picture her mommy posted. Blessings to all, Xoxo, Susie

  9. Holland is just adorable. What a fun dinner date. xo Laura

  10. She is beautiful, and I applaud the wanting to share. Your evening sounds perfect! B.

  11. Absolutely adorable. She is getting so big!! :)

  12. Aw she is just so cute, and getting so grown up now! What doting grandparents you are! Wishing you a happy Sunday, with much love, Linda xx

  13. Thank you for giving me hours of enjoyment! Your blogs are interesting, beautiful and exciting.

  14. I AM SO THRILLED - Je suis tout à fait ravie que tu ailles participer dans la fête! Oh Lynne, take me now, take me where YOU want to go, and if it's our dear France, then GO FOR IT! Just have fun.

    Keep updated and I'm putting you on my list NOW.

  15. Lynne! You made my morning with this priceless post. Your sweet grandbaby is darling;) What a photo at the end! The magic of Disney.. we will be there this weekend. I remember when my daughter was this age and everything in her life was all about the Disney Princess look. These are the best moments!

    Have a wonderful Sunday! xxleslie

  16. SWEET!!!! Such a sweet post and I am so happy you and Mr D had such a lovely time with your sweet Holland!!