Sunday, June 22, 2014!

while sipping my Sunday coffee...

out of the blue!!!

...and i am telling's sky is a PERFECT shade of  SUMMER BLUE! )

...just when i thought an outdoor kitchen could be way out my budget! 


... i can visualize...a not-so-shabby window cupboard with

Summertime rectangle shaped white dishes...and my grandmother's

big cabernet color pottery bowl as the sink!

( Mr D is going to think that i have officially lost my mind! )

as soon as the deck is finished...

my wheels are turning!

after spending Springtime cleaning and purging inside, i am so ready to be out there!

( you know that i will show you if i pull this off! )

thanks for letting me share my whims with you!

H A P P Y  *  S U M M E R  *  2014  !!!



  1. Not so fanciful and thanks for sharing...I'm thinking Summer kitchen at the cabin...

  2. Gorgeous! Oh you can definitely pull this off!

  3. Hello lovely Lynne, DO IT. DO IT, DO IT!! How fabulous, I love those summer kitchens. Are you familiar with 'Madelief' blog, she has one in her garden in Rotterdam, where she holds wonderful tea parties, you should take a look if you haven't already.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words, you are so kind. Sorry I haven't been over in a while, I am finding it a little difficult to balance everything, as we all do sometimes I know. I hope you and your lovely family are doing well. With love and big, big, hugs, Linda xx

  4. That picture is inspirational.

    I can't wait to see what you do.

  5. Ted and I like bei8ng outside....our neighbors on both sides never come out to just sit and enjoy. Crazy!. It is enjoyable to sit and admire our hard work. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh Lynne, you are buzzing with ideas! Love this inspirational photo to get the juices flowing! I am enjoying my deck that we finally finished last year. I have white whispy curtains, a shabby white bench, a wicker settee and a little round table with a white tablecloth. It's enclosed to allow me to sit out there any time to listen to nature and see my lush green and white garden. HAVE SO MUCH FUN! Anita

  7. Oh my dear Lynne … how fabulous is this! I had to pin it to my backyard board! I can not wait to see what you do with your deck!


  8. I love this! Hopefully you get your outdoor kitchen one day soon! You'll have to enjoy it for the both of us! :)

  9. ..and don't you LOVE the weather we are having?!! It's going to be 80 today! Happy Monday:) xxL

  10. What a beautiful photo! I want an outdoor kitchen like that too - hmmmmm.... now MY wheels are turning too!

  11. We can all attest to your husband you are not crazy.
    Mr D... will be thanking you soon for a brilliant idea.
    Now can you convince mine

    It's a beautiful day enjoy!

  12. Lynne, wouldn't that be nice to have an outdoor kitchen? It's a hot one here today, and just staying inside and catching up on my favorite blogs. Husband gave me his cold, so I'm sneezing and coughing grrrrrrr.

    Enjoy the week.


  13. I love cooking outside and do it often. The outdoor kitchen in your post is great! Love the sink, still need that! Can't wait to see your outdoor kitchen when you finish your deck… Happy Monday Lynne!
    XOXO Mary

  14. Having great weather in Maine too. Good luck, that's beautiful.

  15. It's gorgeous, Lynne. Just reading the words "My wheels are turning" makes my heart skip a beat.
    Driving down 34th street today and catching up on what I've missed.