Wednesday, June 18, 2014


hello lovelies!

thank you for the wonderful, amazing and beautiful comments regarding

my FBoF post of last week!

i can't tell you how much i wish you were in hug range!

i have the dearest blog friends!
...truly golden!

:: stamp found here ::

Monday, i made these little paper medallions. tonight, after work, i am headed over to

Al's to put the finishing touches on the centerpieces!


:: white canvas folding...movable deck chairs...LOVE! ::

i saw this image on pinterest awhile back... i am smitten with the concept of rattan pouffes!

( they kind of remind me of a chic version of the "sit upons"  we made

when i was a girl scout!)  

i love the idea of piling the pouffe's with pillows, down comforters

and books for cozy Summer nights with the "Grands" on the deck.

speaking of the deck...

last night we met with Michael.

Michael is an LPN. he works with me at the clinic.

before he became an LPN, he was a carpenter.

when the housing market crashed, he decided to go into nursing.

Michael is going to build us a new deck! 

we are doubling the size!

it's going to be like having another room.

Mr D is visualizing his new grilling station...

i am visualizing an on deck farm to table celebration once it's completed!


i hope this day finds you well!

i have been visiting...but my comments have been brief of late.

i apologize.  

something i may not have mentioned before...

when i visit, i never leave without a prayer!

...feeling blessed and golden today!



  1. Your love radiates from each post my dear! Thank you so much for your sweet email … it truly made my day!


  2. I love the randomness of this post - just giving me a glimpse of your life.

    Love the poofs - had forgotten making sit upons.

  3. I like the grilling area being apart from the sitting, eating area...because of the heat from the grill. We always had a bricked area for our grill. Now Ted just pulls it from the shed when needed. Love those rattan poofs. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Your posts always brighten my day! One click on that glorious meal gave me yet another blog I must follow! Thank you. I needed this today.

  5. Good morning dear friend! Comment ça va? Merci d'être venue chez moi, Lynne! Oh , that chicken looks delish, and i think I'll make that tonight! How lovely to see your comment dear friend, and your words - tes paroles, are MAGIC to me! Enjoy your summer day. We are having rain but that's not stopping me from milking the day for what it's worth! BIG LOVE, Anita

  6. How exciting that you are building a new deck, Lynne! Your husband will love a new grilling station......and this chicken dish looks delicious.

    It's a hot one here today, and just visiting my favorite blogs.


  7. Whooo Hoooo...Lots of good things going on in our house, Lynne! Can't wait to see your deck and all your finishing touches your are working on. That is a great idea about leaving the blog with a prayer. I like that idea. xoDiana

  8. Lynne, So excited for you!! New deck, can't wait to see it!!

  9. Lynne, I'm so excited to hear that you are expanding your deck! We did that in our prior home a couple years ago and (like you said;) it was like adding a room. Wonderful addition! Now we are starting again with the new house and our plan is to do the same thing. It's money well spent. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer thus far;):) xleslie

  10. The rattan pouffe's are gorgeous… you paint a lovely picture of cozy nights on the deck with the grands…
    It's always nice to have an upgrade around the house and a new, larger deck sounds great… more entertaining possibilities! Enjoy your day Lynne!
    XOXO Mary

  11. Your new deck sounds wonderful! And I love the rattan poufs! Your summer sounds like it has been lovely so far...keep enjoying every minute of it!! xoxo

  12. I love the look of those rattan pooffe's. Now I need some!! Of course the gorgeous beach setting would be nice to go along with it. Outdoor rooms are so fabulous. You'll love having the space. Thank you for the prayers you sprinkle...we can all use them. xo

  13. I can see lots of rattan poufs in your future with lots of time spent relaxing on your new deck!

    I have to tell you, visiting a blog & leaving a prayer may just be one of the sweetest things I've ever heard! You amaze me!

  14. I love making improvements and getting things done! Have a happy summer! Hugs, Diane