Saturday, June 7, 2014


sport queen solid heel

sport queen solid wedge

sport bar XLT

hat's off!

 nose patch!

today's "statement of style" at the "the Stakes" !

fashion make history!

Born February 18, 2011 at Harris Farms in Coalinga, 

California Chrome is a son of Lucky Pulpit

 out of Love the Chase by Not for Love.
( love that horse breeding lingo! )

Chrome got his name by the luck of the draw!
the Dumbass Partners, Steve Coburn and Perry Martin were dining with their wives...
they all placed names in a hat, and asked a waitress to pick!
(the other name choices?  Lucky at Love, Big Chapter or ...


in between Dumbass Partners,


Bisquick, i found a love story.

“I believe this horse will win the Triple Crown. If I shed a tear, just bear with me. This 

colt was born on my sister Brenda’s birthday. She died of cancer at the age of 36.

 It will be 36 years this year since there’s been a Triple Crown. 

That’s where we’re going.”

~ co-owner Steve Coburn

(oh my! ...36 years ago, i was 26! )


you're almost there!

i'm praying for a winner - dinner and a movie!



  1. I hope he wins too. I live in the middle of horse country in Kentucky and I was married to a horse trainer. Horse racing has been in my blood for 63 years. Time for a new Triple Crown winner. xo Laura

  2. I am wanting that horse3 to win so badly. It is an amazing horse. I like the connections to your sister.Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I love our sweet Chrome, and I hope he makes it! Breathe right, our dear champion!

  4. How sad and hopeful at once!


  5. Go Chrome!!! I am so excited for the race!!

  6. Well, I am as upset as the Owners. It's not fair to have 3 races with tired horses. Then to bring in some fresh start horse. I think if you start in the Derby, the same horses should enter the Preakness and only those be allowed in the Belmont. After all it's the Triple Crown. I wanted Chrome to win so bad.

  7. well, even though he lost + he will forever be my winner + go chrome!

  8. Oh I had such high hopes! He is one beautiful animal.