Friday, July 11, 2014


hello lovelies!

how are you doing?  

i don't think that i told you that i got very sick two days before Jay and Camille arrived home for

the wedding.  the circumstance called for a steroid shot!  ( never had one before...but did the

trick!)   i would have missed everything.  that dose of magic kept me going and going!

Thank you, Dr Christine and Michael, LPN!

i have been working some 1/2 days during our "staycation" just to keep things in order at the clinic.

with school ending, and the FOURTH behind us, these are BUSY weeks for surgeries.

Camille flew home on

Tuesday.  she flew

on the "Coug" prop, and

sent this image to Jay via



Ty and Anna are honeymooning

in BALI!

Jay stood in for "the missing Tyler"

at a softball game on Tuesday.

(we went, of course!)

i have today off!  Jay and i are going to hit the Nordstrom sale.

he has to update his on camera wardrobe.  (the station gives him a yearly clothing allowance.)

our family wedding / staycation has been


Uncle Jay bought Holland a big girl bike for her birthday!

under the supervision of  The Chocolate Gousse, Mr D picked backyard blueberries for breakfast,

this morning!      

the weather has

been over 

the top perfect!

Seattle Summers

traditionally do not begin

until after the fourth of

July. this year, the month

of June held only 7 days

with rainfall.

so far, July has been


Jay took this image after Ty and Anna's rehearsal dinner.

we are winding down...

Mr D returns to work tomorrow.

Jay drives back to Boise Sunday morning.

to get away from the pending adieux!










most of you know that

many years ago, i was 

a fashion jewelry

buyer for Frederick & 

Nelson, ( a division of 

Marshall Field and 


                                          {to die for...Miriam Haskell!}

throughout the wedding

festivities, it brought great joy to my

heart to see a new generation

       {Christian Dior...inspired by René Jules Lalique...killer!}


each bridesmaid

chose their own interpretation of

of a gold "statement necklace".

the looks stated were from 

modern to mid century to vintage.

a beautiful play of golden patinas

on classic!

  { tailored links and baubles...Anne Klein}
statement necklaces are available in every price range, everywhere!

 Etsy is filled with vintage designer déclaration colliers!

Baublebar packages it's moderately priced baubles in a pretty dust bag...and...often 

with a little gift on the side!

some of you may be able to dig into your past and resurrect an old statement piece or two!

my amazingly creative blog friend Tamera Beardsley has a tutorial on how

to make your own statement necklace déclaration collier!  here!

...found the centerpiece for mine in Mom's jewelry box!

have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Sorry you were sick...but so glad you did not miss any thing. I love all your pictures. I love big statement jewelry too. Blessings to you and your family, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hello pretty lady!! I just got caught up on your last few posts. It sounds like the wedding was lovely...the bride just gorgeous! I love an occasion when the whole family can dress up and have fun together. Holland certainly has grown and what a sweet uncle she has!!

    Thank you for the congrats on impending gramahood!! :)

    Jane xx

  3. WOW! Up my alley, tous ces bijoux, ces colliers! Les parures m'enchantent, surtout!

    Lynne darlin', I am glad to hear you are better! Those steroids DO do the trick, don't they! Everyone looks happy and healthy, and I love how that chocolate sentry is sniffing out the blueberries to verify that they are edible...someone's gotta do it! teeeee

    HAPPY DAY dear one! Anita

  4. You have been a very busy lady… The necklaces are spectacular … I made one a few years ago using my mom's old brooches, turned out great and I love it. Yours will be gorgeous with that piece from your mom's jewelry box! Enjoy the weekend Lynne… glad you are feeling better.
    Ciao bella, Mary

  5. Loved all the images and that Tamara is SO clever!

  6. Glad to hear you were feeling better to enjoy the wedding. Nice (plane) shot and good to hear there are still 'walk-on' flights!

  7. I so enjoyed catching up with you and all that's going on in your busy life! That jewelry is lovely! I have some 'vintage' would be fun to make them into a 'statement piece!' Blueberries from the back yard....lovely!

  8. So happy they were able to take care of your problem with a steroid shot so that you were able to enjoy the festivities. I am staycationing this year. So just going to plan some day outings. xo Laura