Monday, July 7, 2014

hello MONDAY after THE FOUR DAY!

hellooo lovelies!

hello Mr and Mrs TK!

(taken moments after the pronouncement!)

table #12

my beautiful friend Alice looked amazing in a coral raw dupioni

silk sheath dress by Kate Spade. (she popped on her comfy shoes to dance with Ty.)

the bridesmaids wore short navy blue sleeveless dresses.  each girl 

chose their own statement gold necklace. 

a tradition...

...the garter is placed around a football before it's tossed!

(yes...Jay caught the football.)

i'll be catching up with you soon.

after four days of festivities, or as Ty's dad Steve called it...

"The Siege on Seattle!...we are exhausted!

i'm now heading to the market to get the makings for biscuits and gravy!

the nest is filled to the brim...


  1. The wedding looked lovely.

    And biscuits and gravy sound wonderful.

  2. Beautiful bride and groom. Everyone looks so good. xoxo,Susie

  3. How beautiful. So happy to hear that all went well. xo Laura

  4. Aahh, I love weddings, and the bride and groom are a lovely couple. You know Nel had a white dress with a bouquet of red roses, but I am lovin' this mixture of pink and orange also.

    A happy week to you, Lynne.


  5. What a beautiful bride, you must be so happy!
    Blessings Dear (biscuits and gravy sounds lovely!)

  6. My dear, dear Lynne...a bad storm knocked out my internet service for 24 hours, but HERE I AM! All the love and joy can be felt through your happy photos. What a gorgeous couple and family! Lots of love, Anita