Tuesday, July 1, 2014


hello lovelies!

i will be signing off  until next Tuesday!

tomorrow... just one half day at work!

i'm meeting up with Chrislyn at Alice's (mom of groom) house for a spray tan at 3pm.

 (i have never had a spray tan!)

i'm sort of feeling ..."dancing with the stars"!

i'll be requesting a subtle glow.

Jay (best friend...best man) and Camille will be arriving home in the wee hours 

of Thursday morning. 

we have been graciously invited to the rehearsal and dinner.

it is our honor to transport Mother and Father Groom  to host

their dinner of  "once in a lifetime"!

:: ici ::

the setting?

 ... Seattle's favorite Irish pub on Post Alley

Friday the F O U R T H ?

family and friends gather from near and far!  

what a pre-func it will be!

B O O M !

...and July five it is!  

i'm already drawing sparkler hearts in my daydreams...

happy, happy, happy

Fourth of July!

B O O M !


:: pink fireworks here!


  1. You are going to have so much fun!! Go easy on the tan...they are always very dark when you first come out and then fade a bit. Sort of scary but you are doing it early so you should be okay. Sorry, I'm like the voice of doom!! Ha!

    Much love and good wishes,

    Jane xx

  2. I love these decorating ideas. The designs are so vibrant and the view is so happy and cheerful.

  3. Great photos. Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July. Hope the wedding goes smoothly. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  4. Being with loved ones always makes a heart-shaped experience my friend! AMUSEZ-VOUS, TOUS! Anita

  5. Oh you have an exciting weekend ahead. Enjoy all the celebrations! B

  6. Oooh it's all happening over here. Have a fabulous time. I am sure you will be looking gorgeous. Lots of love to you, Linda xx

  7. Love that PUB;) We will be heading out of town to celebrate our anniversary on the 3rd. Have a wonderful time Lynne and enjoy your day! xxL

  8. Have a fabulous time at the wedding and an amazing weekend! xoxo

  9. Happy Fourth of July, Lynne. I do love these pink heart shaped fireworks! Have a fantastic day.