Tuesday, July 15, 2014

small SWEET TEXAS story...

hello lovelies!

i hope this day finds you well.

it was a blessing to have my family in one place for ten days.

as with all families,

there was plenty of storytelling and reminiscing.

this morning, i stumbled across an image on Pinterest,

that stirred and simmered a sweet memory...

many of you know that Jay went to college in Texas for a year

on a baseball scholarship.  Mr D drove him down in 

the Little Red Truck and flew back.  when it came time for Mr D to 

fly home, Jay wasn't convinced that he wanted to stay.

there were those new and strange creatures (Cockroaches and Armadillos) !

it was a long, long way from home.  after many pep talks...Jay stayed.

we flew him home for Christmas.

on Christmas morning, while baking cinnamon rolls, and

slicing and toasting the last loaf of Biscotti, he came into the kitchen and said,

"Mom, do you want me to teach you The Texas Two Step?"

he said...

"Landon ( Jay's friend and teammate) told me that every mom in Texas teaches her

 son the Two Step in the kitchen."  ( i know, Landon...perfect Texas boy name.)

perhaps it was an overstatement...

...but, i was so touched!

there i was, dancing the Texas Two Step, with my son on Christmas morning.

what a gift!

what a memory!

...so when i saw 

...i just had to pin it and share!

may you find  moments to dance in your kitchen.



  1. How beautiful! I can see you two in my mind's eye now.......
    Amber and her team swam to Cotton Eyed Joe and competed down in College Station at A&M.
    You gotta love Texas!!! Roaches not withstanding!

  2. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

    Love the Dancing in the kitchen printable.

  3. A VERY sweet story… Have a wonderful day Lynne!
    XOXO Mary

  4. Dancing with your son would be a wonderful memory. The girls and I have danced out of joy together . I love the little printable sign. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Lots of dancing and cooking actually happens in my kitchen, Lynne! Happy day, beautiful lady! Anita

  6. What a precious memory, the kind that linger and bring a smile to ones face....thanks so much for sharing! And yes, Texas moms do teach their younguns to two-step in kitchen!
    We too dance in our kitchen...aint' it great?
    Love to you

  7. Oh that is so lovely Lynne, what a wonderful thing for your son to do. So glad you are having a great time with your family. Love and hugs, Linda x

  8. ok Lynne, this brought a tear to my eye because you were told that every mom in Texas teaches his son the 'Two Step' in the kitchen, and YOUR SON was teaching HIS MOM the 'Two Step' in the kitchen. It just got me thinking about all sons and how truly special they are to us moms. You will always have that memory, and I love this quote because it reminded me of my own mom who danced in her kitchen. Thanks, Lynne, for sending a little sunshine my way.


  9. Lynne I absolutely loved this story!! What memory making times!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Happy memories! I love this story about dancing in the kitchen. You are blessed to have such a loving and wonderful family!

  11. Lynne, are you still participating in the link party? Our European friends have started to visit...let me know if you can't participate....Anita


  12. Dear Lynne,
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story and your very kind words... I appreciate your visit.

  13. I lo!ve this! This is such a sweet story. I too have a son and my dad lived in Texas for many years