Saturday, July 26, 2014


...back to the familiar reflections on 34.

hello lovelies!

as you may have noticed, i was virtually traveling last week!

it was a joy.

i hope that i found all of your simply irresistible dream destinations.

if i missed anyone, i truly apologize.

i had the most wonderful time traveling with you!

( yesterday's banner tribute and post was for you and your attendees, dear Anita.)

when the travel began, my Mom was two days post op from

total knee replacement.  she is now recuperating in a rehabilitation facility.

she is doing very well.  we are hoping that she can return home Monday or Tuesday.

Dad has been doing great! he is quite independent. his stamina and outlook 

makes my heart strong, and reminds daily how blessed i am to have them still on earth with me!

before mom's surgery, they bought a new puppy!

i must admit...

meet "Pippa"!

...i was a little worried about them taking on a puppy...and surgery... 

AND MOM'S REHABILITATION at the same time.  (my folks are now in their mid 80's)

Pippa is keeping Dad company while Mom is away!

she is also officially a registered visitor at the rehabilitation center!

it's all good!



i am headed off to numerous Saturday errands.

the weather in the Pacific Northwest of America is set for gorgeous once again!

i am dying to gather Sunflowers!

i picked pinned these for to my kitchen "fleur board" 

this morning while sipping my coffee!

they are sooooo August...starting to feel September to me!

it's my favorite transition of the year!

oh man!  time to check out August Vogue!  i am sooo late!

enjoy your weekend!



  1. Sending wishes to your mother for a speedy recovery. The sunflower pictures are breathtaking. Her in the south our transitions does not begin until late September/October. I love everything about autumn! Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs, b

  2. Wishing you mother a speedy recovery. Your parents sure look cute in that photo. Hope you have a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  3. Lynne, Jess just took the most beautiful sunflower picture a couple of posts below. Me and husband took a drive out in the country today, and saw a field of sunflowers, but it was such a hot day that the heat was making them all droop, and the yellow petals were not even a bright yellow, but still it was such a pretty sight. I hope your mom has a speedy recovery. This is a such a good picture of your mom and dad. Hello Pippa.


  4. Hi Lynne,

    Wishing your Mother a very speedy recover and how lovely that they have the sweet little puppy for company.
    Lovely photo of your parents. Also how pretty the sunflowers are - a sure sign that summer is there.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  5. Good for your mom getting the total knee replacement! I had my right knee done nearly 6 years ago and it has made such a difference in my life! Puppies are wonderful therapy in and of themselves! So happy you still have your mom and dad.....

  6. Bonjour mon amie! Thank you Lynne, for having participated in the link party, and LOOK AT YOUR PARENTS! YOUNG and with a new little addition! Bless them, BLESS THEM! Your mom is gorgeous with such a beautiful COIFFE and smile....and your father, my goodness, what a team they make! Blessings to you all for recovery, a fun August, and many more blessings to come, dear friend. Anita

  7. Owww so sweet puppy....i hope your mom is doing sunflowers love Ria...x!

  8. Your parents are so adorable and fit! Blessing to your mom for a speedy recovery.
    Pippi is a sweetie!

  9. Lynne, I am wishing your Mom a speedy recovery. Surgery is never easy but it's particularly difficult on mature folks .. It sounds like the procedure went well and she will be home before you know it. What an absolutely adorable pup! Dogs are always welcome in my home. They add so much to our lives and I know this cute little one will be lots of fun and enrich their lives.

    The sunflower is gorgeous and aren't you loving the weather?!! It's perfect. It's been hit and miss with the house building .. I'm having anxiety attacks and we are over our budget. I do hope this is all worth it in the end. We are leaving town tomorrow and I'm glad we are getting away for a bit. Between the construction and my work, my correspondence and blogging has slowed down.

    Have fun today! xxL

  10. I'm so happy to hear your mom is recovering so well. My Dad had a knee replacement and it was such a physically difficult recovery for him. But it was so worth it! Your parents look like the sweetest couple, and the puppy will be such a burst of happy energy in their lives. I found you on Elizabeth's blog, I'm Leslie, nice to meet you.

  11. GO SEIZE those SUNFLOWERS!I was given a bunch for my birthday last week and they are such HAPPY flowers!Glad everyone is doing well............the puppy will keep them very ACTIVE!!Have a beautiful week and I hope you send some of your rain down here!CALIFORNIA as we are in a terrible drought!XX

  12. what a glorious photo of your parents + they look great + the doggie is wonderful + lets hear it for a speedy recovery for you mom.

  13. Dear Lynne,
    Your parents make such a loving couple.. I think the new addition will keep them young.. I understand your concern about taking this all on right now, but it will all work out... Like you said, it's all good!
    Wishing you dear mother a complete recovery.

    I love the sunflowers!
    Thank you so much for your very kind words... It was so sweet of you to visit.

  14. Can't get enough of those gorgeous sunflowers.
    August to September...into this Florida girl's favorite transition too. LOVE to see summer go making way for my beloved autumn.
    Love the sunshine on your parents' smiles.

  15. Your parents are adorable Lynne…. hope your mom is recovering well. Enjoy the weekend.
    XOXO Mary

  16. What a wonderful blog. I am so happy i came across it. :)
    i love all of the beautiful pictures you post
    i hope your mum is well and Pippa is entertaining your dad;; xx
    would you like to exchange links? xx