Friday, August 15, 2014


hello lovelies!

rose de marché de l'ail!

simply baking some fresh garlic for our baguette tonight. drizzling a little olive oil, 
a fresh sliced tomato from our back yard. sea salt...pepper...YUM!


i know that i have been missing...

i am not far away...

...just focusing on some needed projects and duties that have popped up recently!   

"gotta make hay while the sun shines!"

...and what a "shining summer" we have had here in the Pacific Northwest!

G O R G E O U S !

the materials for our new deck and staircase will be delivered this week!

i hope to have some images to share soon!

i will be back with some French bread next Friday!

have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Lynne, I wish Ted and I could come help with the deck. We have built one in a long time. I miss working like that. We need to get busy on our potting shed. He only has 3 days off now and that's a bummer. I love the pretty pink awning over the garlic. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  2. MIam, Miam - a perfect meal. Love the image of the garlic stall. Bon weekend.

  3. Lynne,
    There's nothing like home grown tomatoes. Your garlic and olive oil drizzle sounds delicious. Looking forward to seeing the new material for your deck. It sounds like you've been busy with lots of projects.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Lynne.


  4. Sounds lovely!! I agree with Red Rose Alley - it all sounds delicious!! Real life happens! Pace yourself! We will all be here waiting......

  5. Oh, I've missed YOU! And roasted garlic, French olive on bread is how we like to eat! And we too are waiting for the installation of exposed beams next week....BIG HUGS to you, ma chère! Anita

  6. Hi Lynne, How exciting to be working on your deck! There are so many options for material, making it much easier to maintain :) Now I'm craving roasted garlic, olive oil, baguette .. and a sprinkling of course salt. Delicious with tomatoes and assorted cheeses too! Yes, it HAS been a beautiful summer and we are thankful as we have had moments where we are "exposed" with no roof over our heads! This construction has me in a tail spin and being that we are living on site .. it makes things a bit stressful and I find myself doing a little hand ringing and taking lots of deep breathes . Today we have a crew coming to put insulation upstairs so the sheet rock can go up next week. Cabinets should be ready on the 28th and installed shortly thereafter. Things are on target to be completed Oct. 1 and I think we are on track although tweaking will happen long after ..

    I hope to be back in mid September!

    Enjoy your weekend! xxleslie

  7. You have my mouth watering for roasted garlic!! Enjoy your weekend.
    xo ~ Jennifer

  8. Beautiful photo for a mouth watering post! Hope your weekend is fabulous, Lynne! xoxo

  9. Oh, there's nothing like fresh garlic and fabulous bread. The best garlic bread is so simple. Toast slices of baguette, rub them w/the cut side of a garlic clove, drizzle w/Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle w/coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper. Yummm!

  10. Lynne,
    Big projects all over blogland are taking place at the same time.

    Love all the shades of pink, rose, purple in the photograph...


  11. Purely delicious! Lynne dear, so happy to hear your summer has been so lovely. You are a sweetheart and thanks for your kind comments about the work, in School Psychology, that my husband and I do. Your words are very encouraging and meaningful. I'm loving your pink!