Friday, August 22, 2014


hellooooooo lovelies!

i am on a roll this morn'!

...lot's going on!

first of all...

eighty five...eighty five...stayin' alive...stayin' alive!

ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive!

so blessed to be singing and walking dancing to this tune today!

yes, it's with humor and song that we live strong!

for  the past couple years Mom has worked hard to stay alive!

she made it!

God Bless YOU, Mom!

(  it is from my mom that i am blessed with the français and scandi in me! )

the other big news...

here i am early before work on Wednesday.

yes, the lumber yard opens with the first bird chirp.

i was dwarfed by trucks of all sizes, as i pulled into the yard in my little commuter Corolla.

handsome, polite, BUSY, polite younger guys...yes, all guys.

...clipboards, coffee, Carhartts...501's...

...almost every one i encountered smiled, nodded, and said, "hello" or "good morning"!

ahhhhhh...the energy and drive of those that build in our world!

it was like a morning pep rally!

i am here to give the craftsmen and tradesmen artisans et commerçants a SHOUT OUT today!

vous bercer!

i promptly paid for our deck lumber, grabbed a cup of their renowned best lumber store coffee 

renommée meilleur café de magasin de bois and headed for work at the clinic.

café de bois!  

coffee tim...ber!

( gosh, i am having fun with this FBoF post!)

the lumber will be dropped on our driveway around noon-ish today!

tonight we will be celebrating mom's birthday at a dinner hosted by Chrislyn and Jason.

i have already planned our first "FBF pour deux"on the deck...

kind of  a simple...say hello to the Autumn cool down...celebration...night!

savoring the last days of summer!

savourant les derniers jours de l'été!



  1. Happy Birthday to your Mother. Hug her for me. Don't you love that lumber smell? LOL. I love working with Ted on things that take lumber....just to smell it.:) Can't wait to see the deck you build. Blessings to all. xoxo,Susie

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom! Enjoy your weekend doll!
    xo ~Jennifer

  3. What a tribute to your Mom !!
    Love it.
    Happy Birthday, Mom. Enjoy every moment.

  4. Happy Happy birthday to your wonderful mom. I hope you have a fabulous celebration, my friend. xo Laura

  5. Happy birthday to your mom, many blessings to all.
    Enjoy the celebration, and the transformation of your deck.
    Header took my breath away. LOVE.