Wednesday, September 17, 2014


yesterday,  Mr D caught this image of Holland.

she is the princess of the land of...

..."Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

( her grandma...( moi )... has interpreted the image "a little differently".)

a designer of fashion in the making!

love the belt...and the hat...and the mix for that matter!

"no, you cannot wear your haute couture to nap time, Holland."

( she is also the princess of  the Topsy Turvy Playroom!)

had to share!



  1. Just beautiful. Happiness, creativity, youth, fun, charm and love in one bundle. A case of a picture paints a thousand words. Bisous

  2. Absolutely divine! Love her style!!!!

  3. She looks like a little doll, une poupée! teeeeeeeee

    Don't ya just love kids? LES GAMINS!!

  4. She is simply adorable! What a sense of style...
    Thanks for sharing..

  5. Oh, its béen far to long in between visits my dear, and this one I chose is adorable. The hat of style wouldn't happen to be bloomers, or a slip, perhaps a skirt ?? When we played as young ones my sister and I would wear of full petticoat slip skirts on top of our head to feel like brides! :)
    We all at one time have thrown together a stylish outfit of what we knew to be glamours. I love when children play with more of their imaginations rather then the mass of toys. I think it encourages growth and beautiful memories to cherish, like playing brides with slips on ones heads :))

    She is a doll, reminds me of my nieces with that toe head blonde hair.
    Love her name...


  6. I love it! Absolutely adorable little fashionista!

  7. Miss Holland has grown and she is utterly and positively beautiful! Love that blonde hair and the rosy cheeks!

    Thank you for your comment this morning. No, I've not gone out of mind...just wondering if I might add a small portion to my blog posts to what I think or feel on various subjects...sort of a version of our dear Joan Rivers, "Can we talk?" I do have things to talk, not religion or politics. Maybe just how I feel about certain issues where I'm not so Pollyannish. Maybe some recollections of my life, good and bad. Some juicey blasts from the past?

    But I do appreciate all of you ladies that gave a shout out for what I'm doing...I never never expected that.

    Jane xx

  8. Such a fashionable and stylish doll baby... (although she is growing fast!). Love this pic! Enjoy your weekend my darling friend!