Friday, October 3, 2014


The Gai's French Baking very first bite of French bread!

 the loaves were placed in long parchment wraps with red writing.

Phil and Henry Gai were the son's of an Italian immigrant, Giglio,

who started the business by baking loaves of French bread at home

and delivering door to door. 

if you grew up in Seattle, a view of a Gai's bread truck always

made you smile. a moment at a stoplight, learning to read...

...just like Holland Grace when she sees the words Costco and Starbucks! 

the delivery trucks are now a part of Seattle history.

it's the weekend!

loaf is good!

...and so far, October...

...i am silly in near Seattle!



  1. Lynne, This post for reason made me think of my granddaughter Lynzie...When her neighbor died, her mom told her that Dinah went to heaven. Lynzie sees an angel on top of a courthouse and asked her mom, "is that where Dinah is mommy?" She told her mom if that was an an angel, then that must be heaven. Just how kids's so fascinating. I love being a part of it too. Blessings little French bread maid. :):) xoxo,Susie

  2. fresh bread . . . yes . . . any time and even better with a good story attached.

  3. What a fun bread truck....that sort of thing is what makes memories, isn't it?
    Happy weekend- xo Diana

  4. Lynne,
    French bread delivered to your that is true wealth...

    The bread truck is just too funny! Not only do little ones learn to read, they learn about puns.


  5. Growing up in So Calif, it was the Helms Bakery.
    The truck came everyday with different breads.
    But he also had donuts.
    I can still smell the fresh bread.

  6. Louis Dean was a professional baker! AND a school teacher AND a cook in the army!!! When he bakes bread he weighs each roll and they all turn out perfectly!!! Fresh bread, cheese and wine = my all time favorite meal!!! Happy WEEKEND!!!

  7. I am always late to see you dear Lynne, but I come with my baguette, ready for a chat and a slice of French bread with NUTELLA on it!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  8. Wonderful Story! Fresh bread delivered to your door, love it!