Monday, October 13, 2014

soft autumn....

:: ici ::

i know!

i have been totally m...i...a...!

longer hours at the clinic...carrying an extra workload for just a bit.

i'm half way there! good.


sipping the Verona this morning before i go.

:: ici ::

a weekend sleepover at the grands!

(mama and daddy's very first weekend away.)

all of my attention went to them.

they soak it in and love it, and so do i!

i was channeling my inner Mary Poppins all weekend long.

it's no secret that magic always happens when i am with my grands!

i also had my mommy radar going...

(i'm not the best sleeper as it is.)

home again...i didn't hear the alarm this morning.

 i did feel The Chocolate Gousse's cold nose on my cheek.

i was in the deepest sleep!
( thank you, grands! )

:: ici ::

i was dreaming about mixing up some soft autumn

:: ici ::

colors and textures.

:: ici ::

...thinking of how i could carry them into the holidays!

:: ici ::

i am thankful and satisfied with autumn's earliest servings and

a lovely deep sleep dream.

what a perfect way to start the week and this season, for that matter!

:: ici ::

just sharing whats d a n c i n g in my head this morning.



  1. Beautiful words . . . beautiful images . . . enjoy your week!

  2. wow. I agree with Carol these are some lovely images. thanks for the inspiration

  3. Great images today!!! I am so glad you had fun with the grands this weekend. They really add immeasurably to your life, don't they? Happy Monday to you- big work load and all-half-way home, you said!!! xo Diana

  4. I know you enjoyed the grandkids....they can wear us out at times. I sleep after they go home too. Hope your work is smooth, so as not to be too tiring. xoxo,Susie

  5. How wonderful to have a weekend with your grand babies! Gorgeous photos today!! Have a lovely week, Lynne, dear!! xoxo

  6. What lovely thoughts. Sounds like a wonderful time with the grands. ENjoy your week. xo Laura

  7. Good morning precious Lynne,

    Work too has caused my blog visits to be one day late...I have to get up very early to catch my blog friends' new posts, but then many of you post after I've left for work. When I get home from work, I'm not on the computer, so voilà, a day late! But your share this morning is a comfort for our colors are now in FULL swing, and I'm loving it.


  8. SO glad you had a grand babies weekend + they make us so happy + you got the much needed

  9. Such beautiful uplifting, happy thoughts! I just said good bye to my daughter after her fall break and I see you did much the same this weekend with family! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week dear Lynne!

  10. What a beautiful blessing of a post! You have a very full life. Love hearing about it!

  11. LOVE your soft autumn colors, L, and carrying them into the holidays is genius.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your time with the grands. ;)

  12. I always love to hear and see what's dancing in your head lovely Lynne. Beautiful post and what fun with your grands!

  13. Love your Autumn feel here, what about that bedroom in all it naturalness to its patina, and best those swing out windows and all the lighted panes, I love this room and would so enjoy waking to Autumn in this room, all seasons for that matter.

    Your post is delightful Lynne,
    I finally got busy and linked you to my sidebar, something I have wanted to do for so very long, yet adding ones favorites is the most lazy part of blogging for me, it's something I always intend on doing but let time get by. Well not this morning, you are on my sidebar with blogs that truly inspire.

    See you soon.

    Beautiful Autumn /Fall and all that Winter will inspire from you.


  14. I love to hear about the dancing in your head, Lynne. How nice that you had the grandkids over for the weekend. I remember when the kids were little, the only one that I would leave them with was my mom and mother-in-law. And even then, I thought about them the whole time. Having soft Autumn colors sounds nice, and I've been thinking the same thing myself when I put a little white pumpkin on my front porch. Such lovely pictures today, Lynne. Thank you for the wishes for Nel. She's been working so hard on getting her Ph.D.

    Have a fun weekend.


  15. Good morning chère Lynne!

    Oh how fun to see your comment this morning! And the mister, he is away enjoying nature at her best? FUN! When he comes home, he will have lovely treasures to share...maybe some yummy trout, venison, or whatever is in season?

    May you have a cozy weekend, as we are about to have...BISOUS BISOUS!

  16. Lynne! Your photos are so pretty.. I want those LONG socks:)
    I was so happy to see you won the trio of pumpkins. Send me your mailing address so I can forward it to the LoveFeast ladies.