Tuesday, October 21, 2014

To Hazel from Daisy...

 on a recent visit to my Mom and Dad's house,

 Mom gave me two of our family heirloom cookbooks.

 one is Grandma Hazel's (my Mom's Mom) book.
( i will share the second one at a later date. )

Grandma's book was a gift from her friend, Daisy.

To Hazel from Daisy,

Christmas 1922

Seattle, Wash.

the book is filled with recipes...

...like Miss Dickens's Divinity Candy...

...in my Grandma's words...the recipe...

4 cups of sugar 
1 cup of cold water
1 cup of white Karo syrup
Boil until it "hairs".
then pour slowly into the whites of two eggs, beaten stiff.
beat until dry.
put in 1 cup of chopped walnut meats.
drop onto buttered plates.

Miss Dickens's page is one of the "loose leaves"!

i LOVE my Grandmother's penmanship and the very cool way

that she made her capital "M's"!

...and look how she crossed her C's and y's!

you know...there is a program that allows one to create font in

their own handwriting.

i wonder if i could do it with Grandma's Hazel's penmanship?

hmmm...wouldn't that be awesome?

...and i'm also thinking how this post just may have inspired our Christmas Card!

i love how my mind works when i'm blogging with you!

as you can see, her book is time worn...



  1. That's a really old cookbook. I love it when you get old family recipes. Such a legacy.

  2. What a great treasure for you. I love it. I also think your grandmother's writing is wonderful. That would look good on a card. xoxo,Susie

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful treasure to have, Lynne! I LOVE it! Her penmanship is just awesome. That would be great if you could reproduce it somehow! Happy recipe reading. xo Diana

  4. Good morning sweet Lynne! Isn't it fun to see how our parents and grandparents wrote? There is a lovely sense of art in the penmanship that unfortunately is very rare these days...and what sweet recipes. My mum made divinity fudge to and must have been such a popular recipe!

    Wishing you a great Wednesday!

  5. Lynne, I love divinity and I'm sure this recipe is delicious. What an incredible family treasure you have here!! Sadly, the penmanship is not something we see much these days. Kids are printing more and using computers more than I think they should. It's fun to see that some things are constant.. like how to prepare basic sugar cookies for example. Women have been doing the same thing for a LONG time:) What fun ~enjoy this!

  6. Lynne, this is so lovely. What a small treasure you have from your family's history, I sure would love to have my Grandma's cookbook..and with all that gorgeous handwriting too. By the way, I don't know why your comments don't show up in my email but I can't thank you enough for stopping by and leaving such thoughtful comments. I've returned your kindness by adding you to my sidebar too, and I'm proud to have you. Every time I come here I'm so impressed by the beauty of blog..the sentiments as well as the design....it makes me want to spruce mine up :)

  7. What a blessing to have these books from YOUR family!!!! I collect vintage handwritten and old cookbooks.......but they are not from MY family. I do have a few from Louis Dean's mother in law (Ruth Ann's mother) and HER mother!! They were in a huge leather trunk in the house LD was trying to to rebuild. It was the childhood home of his mother in law. He says he misses Ruby Nell even more than he misses Ellen! I have studied graphology in the past and am so dismayed that the schools ar no longer teaching handwriting! What a shame......

  8. How wonderful to have these beautiful books! My favorite wedding gift was a bound collection of my grandmothers recipes, in her hand writing interspersed with photos of my siblings and I with my grandparents.

  9. Oh Lynne, oh yes to inspiring your Christmas card. My mothers name is Hazel, and her mother passed down cook books that were written by hand from her mother, my mothers grandmother. My mom Hazel has added her own recipes to the pages passed down and has taken family recipes and recreated a new family book for members in our family. She prints out the pages in families writing and adds them to her book. I have some recipes hand written from my great grandmother and grandmothers that I cherish.
    This piece of family history is authentic and treasured I am certain, and as for a holiday card I am sure family members would love receiving one, I know I sure would. You could even add a bit of family history to the back of the greeting card.
    Such an inspiring idea..... I have a family holiday fudge recipe that our close and extended distant family is so familiar with our grandmother making and our great grandmother it would be a great Christmas card idea to send it off to everyone! You my dear just inspired me to get busy creating a holiday card around the Christmas fudge recipe!

    Thank you beautiful for your soulful heart, thank you for encouraging all I create over at my place, your words are always welcomed.

    Beautiful creating ahead of you, and add me to your Christmas card list :))