Thursday, October 23, 2014

trip treats...from field and farm...

hello lovelies!

...only 2 more days of the extra workload at the clinic.


i am not complaining. i just worry that i am going to forget a clerical detail.

i am a perfectionist when assisting our doctors with their patients.


i earned some overtime.

i have had my eye on a pair of black leather riding boots.


yesterday afternoon, Mr D returned from his annual cast & blast.

i arrived home last night to find a cardboard box on the farm table. 

ah ha!

trip treats!

i immediately went to the cupboard to grab a couple bowls

so i could unpack and arrange my presents!

...fresh and fragrant from the our sweet apple state!

...amazing color inside the mid century French crock. 


when finished arranging,

 i went back into the kitchen where i was presented with four dove that

were cleaned and marinated in goodness.

you see, Mr D and i have a little agreement...

he cleans and packages the catch.

i had a very soft heart when he began bird hunting.

i have become a little more rugged and strong through the years.

every year we give to preserve the wetlands.

the bounty has become a beautiful addition to our autumn and 

winter holiday table.  it gives a special meaning to 

the term "Christmas Goose".

i roasted the dove and placed them on a bed of  baby kale.

before serving, i drizzled them with herb and garlic 

infused olive oil.  i also added some fresh apple to our salad! 


pretty amazing "eats" for a Wednesday after a long work day!

when carrying the dishes to the table, i thought...

how could i serve such a meal without saying...bon appétit?

so i said it!


:: please excuse the images...this is the time of year that everything is put together after dark!


  1. Oh I love a man that can clean up after himself. That includes packing game. Ted does fish.:):) Your dinner looked wonderful. xoxo, Susie

  2. What sweet, beautiful treats Mr D brought you. Your dinner looks lovely. I remember my Dad and Brother bringing home Dove, Quail, and Pigeons, they made my mom clean them though, ha ha… I can see her at the sink plucking and cleaning those little birds, not for the faint of heart.
    Buon Appetito! Have a lovely Autumn day Lynne.

  3. the meal looks wonderful and I'm so glad you only have two days left!

  4. Lynne,
    Your dove looks yummy with herb and garlic. When my dad went hunting, he would sometimes come home with dove and my mom would cook it for us that evening. He always wanted us to try everything, even when we didn't want to. Needless to say, I had some unique and exotic foods growing up. Your apples look wonderful, Lynne.


  5. I have NEVER heard of eating dove! Pigeon, mum used to make pigeon soup when she lived in Mexico, but I suppose it would taste the same! Dearest Lynne, I hope you get your black riding boots! LOVE THEM...Bonsoir!

  6. Marvelous!!! Everything you do is with such class! I am amazed you have TIME to put things together for a post with your work schedule.......but I do so look forward to every one of them!! Thank you~

  7. A great partnership and look at the beautiful dinner so tastefully done!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Thank you for your kind message on my blog.
    And BRAVO for yours, it's lovely!!!

    I will come back!!

    A bientôt,