Sunday, November 9, 2014

artful miracles...the people you meet in a storybook called blogland...

i have thought about ending my blog a couple times.

mainly because i worry about being safe and secure.

you know...all of the bad guys...(or girls, too, for that matter)...lurking out there in the wings.

last week, when i was invaded by a bad case of malware, i thought about it, again.

i would miss so many sweet people...friends.

:: ici ::

there are other platforms out there...

 ...perhaps i should just do Instagram.

it's less time consuming...

i love the venue with it's personal picture postcards...

:: 151 W 34th Street ::

i would miss daily crossings at 34th and Share, where blog friends are very real.

yesterday, my post was about feeling golden and praying it forward.

after i published it, i took a little walk to the mailbox.

there i found an envelope filled with artful love and prayers from Texas!

where do i start ? the first chapter of the storybook, of course!

Linda has been my blog friend from the beginning.

one day in January, almost three years ago,

Linda penned her precious realization of a very special creation.

her daughter and son in law were expecting...QUADRUPLETS!

under the closest of  brilliant supervision and care,

 the babies developed, and each entered our world,

powered on love, prayers and devout faith.

to this day, i am awestruck by the four little miracles.

Linda is a lover of art, and paints with the quads.

out of the blue, they sent me two beautiful watercolor splashed bookmarks!

wrapped around the bookmarks was a sweet sentiment.

 Linda!, Kailey!, Trystan!, Logan! and Harrison!, thank you for my lovely gifts!

 i love my new bookmarks, made by you!

 i have placed them in my day designer!

H A P P Y   S U N D A Y

from the corner of Texas Love and Prayers and 34th Street...


"Faith is believing in something, when sense tells you not to!"
~Miracle On 34th Street


  1. My dear … I couldn't agree more … about the magic of blogland. When three of my social media accounts were hacked last month … I too wondered if keeping at it was what I really wanted. But then I realized how much richer my life truly is … because of blogging and such. I would be far too lonely if I stopped … I would miss terribly kindred spirits like yourself … that I have found in this magical world we have here!


  2. I agree totally with Tamera. I, too, have thought i JUST DON'T HAVE TIME ANY LONGER to keep the blog posts fresh. However. And, that is one big HOWEVER. I would so miss my girlfriends around the world. And, I think we are safe at home, it's our computers, not us who are damaged. I had it happen too, but it was quickly sorted out and finished. Just laugh about it and ONWARD & UPWARD !!!

  3. Ah, Lynne!! I am so happy you enjoyed the bookmarkers! I am even HAPPIER that your surgery went well and you can SEE!! Prayers as you continue to wear so many hats - and all of them well!! You must remember that many bloggers are not working full time challenging jobs! And many are juggling family responsibilities (children, aged parents, grandchildren - you have been in some of those catagories as well!) along WITH jobs, school and any multitude of life events. I love that about the Land of Blog!! We can record on our blog where we are in life - NOW! It may change - as life always does - from time to time. As my mother tells me every time I talk to her - "Just do the best you can!"
    PS....I think you may have been my first non-family follower!!!

  4. Dear Lynne, I'd hate to see you many bloggers who I came to know and love very much have left and it's such a loss. That malware is evil, down right evil. Not only do the perpetrators intend to steal valuable information, but they are stealing your right to express yourself, create and connect. I am so sorry to hear about this. I think we all have entertained the thought of quitting blogging for some reason or another, but I too always come back to this: THE PEOPLE I would miss. My best friends are those with whom I've connected. I personally don't do Facebook; it's too quick of a thing to create a story line which I enjoy. I don't do Instagram; it's nice but I have no time. But whatever medium anyone chooses so that they can be enriched by another, then that's what is important. I wish you well, but please stay?

  5. Awww..the very best and most wonderful kind of friends and "extended family". What precious children those are and it is wonderful to have you as a blogging friend. I am glad you aren't going to leave us- xo Diana

  6. Yes, indeed it's magical. Such blessing have come in so many sizes here.
    Such a sweet family foto.
    So blessed to have you on my side bar of beautiful inspirations.

    See you soon.
    Beautiful season ahead of you filled with many pages for your own story book.


  7. Lynne,
    When I think of the lives you touch every day, including mine, I selfishly want you to continue blogging. You are a special writer with a gift with words, both creatively written and uplifting to all who read them. It would be very sad for those yet to find you never to have the chance to read your marvelous words and to be the recipient of your great and generous encouragement.


  8. Lynne + we would miss you terribly.

  9. Lynne, I'm so sorry you had to deal with the malware, it is evil and it feels scary to come across it. But isn't it wonderful how the universe can send us a healing moment at the perfect time? I'm so glad you had those goodies waiting for you at the mailbox. It reminded you that blog friendships are indeed real. Something I've learned myself. Even though it's a virtual world and we might not get to 'see' each other, the emotions we feel from certain blog friends are real and genuine. As far as walking away from blogging, I can relate. I've questioned my place in the blog world, especially lately but I feel like my life is so enriched by my friendships for now, I'm staying put.
    sending you a warm cyber hug,

  10. Thank you, Lynne.
    Your words and images are very encouraging to me at this time. After having my page invaded by malicious spammers last month, forcing me to shut down because malware would have eventually redirected my readers to a horrible site, I am once again questioning this land of blog we've grown so fond of. Thank you for reminding me that the pros far outweigh the cons.
    I'm still here, now at WordPress, and perhaps changing my blogging style a little, but still here.
    It's good to know you're still here too.

  11. Lynne,
    Your post really hit home for me today, as my recent post is very similar talking about how very special my blog friends are to me. These book marks are so nice and made with love. Just had a full house last weekend, and resting up this week. Your book marks made me smile, and are perfect words for me right now.

    I'm glad you're staying put in blog land for now because your posts bring me joy all the time.

    Have a lovely week, Lynne.


  12. Isn't it magical how God works? I would never have found you if I'd not first befriended Marcia Pilar and read her blog about possibly finding other outlets. Her thank-you to you was so sweet. I couldn't stop blogging anytime soon just because of things like this that happen on a regular basis. I too, received a gift in the mail on a day when I needed it most. It was the tea tags from Marcia and what is phenomenal is that I'd already written tomorrows' post about "golden" comments when I read her post and then yours. Have you heard that confirmation usually comes in threes? I think the blog world needs more Marcia's and Lynne's. So glad I found you!!! God bless.