Saturday, November 15, 2014

day old french bread and café frais...sweet Saturday morning!



i began this post after dinner last night.

after a couple distractions, i glanced at the bottom right corner and


minuit! oops...


guess what?

you are back on my right!

i found out that blogger stores your blog roll.

...even if you accidentally delete it.

on my first attempt to re-install the "blog list" gadget...

like all re-appeared....

...almost as quickly as you disappeared.

oh mon Dieu miséricordieux!

 tout le monde est de retour!




i didn't have time to tell you the news yesterday morning.

we were to be short staffed at the clinic.

 i thought it best to get to work an hour early. 

before i packed my cell phone, i snapped a quick

pic of a little vignette that features my favorite french cookbooks.


so sweet is my Saturday morning...

c r è m e d e l a c r è m e

 i'm sampling a friday fave from House of Earnest. 

welcome back, lovelies!

( yes, that's my Christmas mug!)


  1. Lynne, Finally something done right by blogger. LOL. Hey, things just taste better in a Christmas mug. :):) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo,Susie

  2. Between you and dear Mimi Thorissen this morning (have you seen her lush post?) J'AI FAIM! Oh là, il me faut un sandwich à la Provençale maintenant!

    HAPPY SATURDAY, Lynne! Anita

  3. I use my Christmas mug all year, but don't tell anyone. It is my favorite for some reason.Love your vignette. xo Laura

  4. Where do you find the time?? I can't hold my eyes open past 10:00 and I'm also a late sleeper...I think I sleep more in 24 hours than I'm awake, but they sleep is the cure for everything, right?

    Blogger is the bane of my existence. I am still finding blogs I lost months ago. Remember me, the one who abandoned you? Ugh.

    Happy Weekend. Rest. Eat good stuff.

    Jane x

  5. Oh Lynne, the same funky stuff has been happening to me lately with the design on our blog. Something disappears, then reappears again.....go figure. I love your Christmas mug. I just bought one too that said Peace on Earth.

    Have a wonderful week, my dear.


    by the way, that is a cool picture of your favorite cookbooks. :~)