Monday, November 3, 2014

dress to destress!

good morning lovelies!

yesterday, while visiting Mom and Dad, i spent

three hours purging and re-merchandising Mom's closet.

she was a trooper. 

being raised during the depression, she learned to hang onto

everything...just in case. 

we kept some fabulous vintage Pendleton wool plaids

from the 60's,  a mink trimmed leather coat from the 70's, and most of her

hand knit sweaters.

when all was said and done, we filled three large black 

garbage bags with clothing. 

i implemented some of my old school merchandising skills by

colorizing her basics and putting some new looks together for her.

she was thrilled when i finished.


tomorrow brings the first of two eye surgeries for me this month.

without going into deep detail, i have had some eye health issues

since last winter. the stages of treatment began last Spring.

for the month of November, i will need to be

without eye makeup for 20 days. 

the last time i went outside without eye makeup, i was 12 years old!

...and yes this means that i will be at work without eye make up!  

( thank goodness i work in the medical field and have my own office. )

 i went out and bought some kick a$$ red readers!

i am in good hands. the surgeon operated on  my son, Jay...and also

Travis Ishikawa, 1st baseman of the world champion San Franciso Giants.

Jay and Travis had their laser surgeries about the same time.

Jay and Travis were drafted the same year. as you know, Jay 

did not continue with baseball. it was an honor for Jay

to be in such great company and a wonderful experience to 

add to his resume'.


last night, i made pear - applesauce.

i also made a quick decision to add just a tad more than cinnamon and vanilla...

 ...a splash of Normandie!


:: the image of the  cozy sweater and pretty red scarf above is from a blog hop called 

with all that's ahead, this little hop to Germany was just the ticket for me!


  1. Lynne, Yummy applesauce. :):) You are just the best daughter....that was so sweet of you to help your mom with her closet. Then to put together things she can wear is so good.
    I am wishing you great success with your surgery. I hate going without make up as I age, I do not wear as much. But I like mascara and lipstick. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Lynne, Wishing you a speedy recovery with your surgery. You are a trooper with lots of energy;) Helping your Mom, taking care of your family, all while working and now the eye surgery. Your applesauce sounds so good and (if the moon and stars align) I shall be making that on my new range in a week or so. Happy Monday!

  3. Oh Lynne, the grey and red really inspires a season that my daughter and I are wearing this's pull over sweaters and big fluffy scarves!
    As for your eye issues after your surgery and the healing process you just might find you will want to wear less makeup! Is your issue just a sight and glasses wearing issue, or a much needed surgery? I have noticed with me that readers are strongly needed with fine print now!
    I think if you wear those new red readers know one will even notice you are not wearing make-up! and it's all the new rage in wearing next to nothing.

    Love that you organized your mums closet, my daughter came into my room and did just that a few weeks ago and what a closet life change to have it in order. You must have that total organizing skills down to the Tee? My daughter is so O.C.D about placement, colour, short sleeved, long sleeved being in there placement. You really did a wonderful thing for your mum!

    Well , keep us posted as much as you can on your surgery, you new eyes will see that much more beauty soon enough.


  4. It feels so good to get things taken care of… organizing , purging, and health issues… Best wishes for your upcoming surgery Lynne. New red readers will definitely detract from the lack of eye makeup, plus you can get a fabulous new lip color ! Take care busy lady.
    XOXO Mary

  5. Good luck with your eye surgery.

    I haven't worn makeup since I was 42. That was when my eyesight started to change and I could no longer see to put the makeup on without my glasses.

  6. Good luck with your eye surgery. Those red readers will be a big boost. Good for you!! Sending best wishes and hugs. xoxo

  7. Hello!!! Prayers for your surgery and for the 20 days with no eye makeup to fly by!! I know how you feel - I have worn eye makeup nearly everyday of my life since I was 12 or 13!!!
    I was JUST thinking about you this morning! I did a mail out of bookmarkers using watercolor papers the quads painted. I discover I can't find your address! I know I had it at one time. Would you mind private messaging/email it to me? I have yours ready and in the envelope now!!

  8. I've been trying to get my mom to let me go through her closet with her. She has way too much. Good luck with your eye surgery tomorrow. I have been having a problem with one of my eyes. I am hoping I don't need to have surgery. xo Laura

  9. Dearest LYNNE! I have to follow your applesauce recipe here...VANILLA? OH YES! And what a cozy color scheme you have running through this post! CUDDLE UP! BISOUS, Anita

  10. Sending good thoughts for your surgery tomorrow! I very rarely wear eye makeup anymore because of an eye condition that makes it excruciating when I do. No one really seems to notice except me. The 20 days will pass quickly!

  11. So hope you are doing well - needing to clean my mother's closet and my own…you've inspired me!