Friday, November 21, 2014

french bread on... turkey day ?

pourquoi pas?


je suis en!

when we hosted Thanksgiving three years ago, i made this recipe from

 PW's blog. she mixes FB with her homemade CB.

it's a goodie!


 the market on 49th street is selling 

French inspired herb pots!

let the stuffing begin!


  1. Lynne, I could make a meal on dressing alone. I just love it. It's like a comfort food. Plus the wonderful smell in the kitchen. I love it. Hope you are having a great weekend. I did see where Washington was getting rain. Be safe, xoxo,Susie

  2. Bet that is delicious!!!! Louis Dean makes good dressing! While we are going to Fort Worth for Thanksgiving with my siblings and other family.....we will be leaving a turkey in the oven to come home to!!

  3. OH! De la brioche? OUI, J'en veux!!!!! I will be roasting chestnuts and I can't wait. My friend, enjoy the up and coming preparations, en fran├žais!!!! Anita

  4. That is the same recipe I use! SO delicious!! Have a wonderful weekend prepping for Thursday! xoxo

  5. Oh YUM...... My family is a huge fan of FRENCH BREAD and like the first comment, I too could make a meal on this. Enjoy your weekend:) We are moving in the house this weekend (gas went on yesterday and the plumber comes today .. I need water to the DW and sink!) so it will be a busy next few days scrambling around getting ready for company and Thanksgiving.

    I'm going to tag this recipe and might make it this week! xxleslie

  6. i love stuffing. I have had to learn to make it gluten free, but still yummy. xo Laura

  7. This sounds so delicious I will try right away for the holidays!
    The Arts by Karena

  8. Looks delish, I brought in some herbs from the garden, I donot have a green thumb, unless it's got paint on it. Brioche, makes me think of huge cups of coffee, I never had Brioche till Paris have a festive holiday.

  9. Lynne, yes let the stuffing begin!! Sounds so good! I love your photo of the herbs too!! Happy Monday!!