Monday, November 17, 2014

funky little mix match Monday...

hello lovelies!

happy Monday to you!

life in the dark limits me when it comes

to posting images of 34th street.

on Saturday, i grabbed a quick photo of simple vignette in the

corner of our dining room.


lately i have been captured by a styling concept that i call

 "funky little mix match".

the pros likely tag it Boho...eclectic...whimsical...

thoughts of "i got U babe"...
:: ici ::

i seek images that are inspiring and most of all fun.

the image above got me thinking...

"i am so going to grab my grandma's mink collar and pop it on 

my black quilted vest! i don't own a stitch of gingham chambray shirt will do!

...and my favorite winter scarf...the very last piece grandma knit before 

she flew to heaven 42 years ago..."

 i felt cool!

...but mostly, i felt the vintage love i was wearing

at the checkout in Kroger QFC!


  1. You know your grandmother is smiling down on you. I love the mink collar. I love that Boho look very much. Blessings for fabulous week. xoxo,Susie

  2. I always admire those who can mix it up & look great at the same time! Glad you found your inspiration, looks like you're all set to rock a new look!

  3. How I wish I still had that old mink collar I had....I could use it now! It was in the single digits today! Great combo, Lynne! HUGS, Anita

  4. stunning + bet you looked good + grandmother was thinking of you!

  5. Love the look you have put together, cozy yet very luxurious at the same time! Alao that you are using pieces very special to you!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. You are such a classy lady with such style that you would look good any way you mix and match!! You can't help it! Some people just have that way of instinctively knowing how to put things together without even giving it much thought. I am so NOT one of those but at least I am past the time in my life when I try to be! I like comfy clothes I can sleep in and I do like to embellish! I will never forget Amber telling me, "Why, MOM!! You look just like a little DOILY!!!" Louis Dean repeats that - all the time. Sometimes when I get dressed for holiday things I AM reminded of 'decorating a Christmas tree!' Sad to say - the shape of me and a tree are getting more similar every year!!
    Blessing to you, my dear, as you work your wayy through the week! I'm sure you are looking quite elegant as you do so!

  7. The fir trimmed coat you bought for Holland should be arriving soon!! She will be right in style! Of course I think a fir trimmed coat should never go out of style!

  8. Chrislyn!
    I just happened to find another mink collar!
    I will bring it to you on Thanksgiving!
    We will all be trimmed in fur!

  9. This is a fun and pretty look, Lynne. I love bohemian, eclectic, and whimsical, and even in my home décor. I would love to see your grandma's mink collar. It seems that my mom had a mink collar at one time also. Sometimes I think we were from the same childhood haha. funky little mix that!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lynne.


  10. Aren't you so creative and fun? I always smile when I stop by to visit you on 34th Street, Lynne. If I had seen you at the market I would have given you a big smile for rockin that fabulous look.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my dear,
    xx, Heather