Thursday, November 13, 2014

just one pic...

i lost my blog roll!

if you look to the right...

 it's gone!

all it took was one wrong click!



i was devastated.

"Lynne, what did you do?"

"how could you have done this?"


" r e a l l y ?"

thank goodness all was not lost...

last Saturday morning, before the blast to the malware, and the rescue and renovation began, 

i QUICKLY made lists and references of keepsakes that could be lost in the fight!

this morning...on the farm table...

here's looking at you, scribbled and saved...


(yes. i have another big project ahead...)


  1. Lynne, Why is it when you really want to get rid of something, little boxes pop up and ask you are you sure you want to delete this//about a million times. But one miss click and do they ask then if you want to delete...well heck no. Makes me crazy...yes, I am a crazy old lady typing on a keyboard. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. oh my god + all is not lost + my mom said "for every problem there is a solution" + you found it!

  3. If you are still following people you should be able to add the little icon for blogs you follow and any you follow on blogger will show up. You just click them to put them on your sidebar. Sadly, the wordpress ones have to be entered one at a time. Good luck! xo Diana

  4. Oh dear, I experienced this so many times that I ended up not keeping one. I just remember the pages I love and try to keep them to a minimum. Great idea to have a written list though. I love written lists, IPhone laptop and all. ;)

  5. Dearest Lynne! OH NO! I just have not had a moment to do anything to back up any of my data, but this is such an invasion of a person's work of art. I hope that you are able to retrieve what you lost! How are you dearest Lynne?

  6. That is scary!!! And that is one reason I seldom click on anything!!! And when I do - I hold my breath!
    WE all know where and who YOU are! Never fear!! You can't go far!

  7. Yes Lynne! This very thing happened to me and by blog 2 years ago, I wanted to change my templet andI lost my whole site, blog roll, site header. Postings...poof all gone. I was able to go in And retrieve my site, I was so scared and was having some crazy out of mind, body experience in the mean time. So I know first hand how you freaked.

    This was a reminder post to be careful at what you are clicking on.


  8. YAY! It looks like you got it back! That kind of thing can be BEYOND frustrating! I hope you have a lovely weekend, Lynne! xoxo