Sunday, November 2, 2014

just one pic...warming up for the chills and the thrills of the season...

hello lovelies!

i am greeting you from Mr D's laptop.

my laptop caught a virus.

it's with the friend who fixed it the last time it caught a virus.


yesterday was Holland's last soccer game for the season.

the moments outside on the sideline reaffirmed that the chill has finally arrived

here in the Pacific Northwest. it's hard to believe that the week before

 last i was walking with my family at the Point Defiance Zoo on a 70 degree Sunday.


shortly after this post, i will be popping on my cozy plaid scarf,  and heading 

over to Mom and Dad's for our first downsizing project!

i will be back home in time to watch the HAWKS! 


Mr D is grilling yesterday's catch for dinner tonight.

let the thrills and chills of the season begin!


(the image above is from a chic little blog hop called Marcus Design.)


  1. Good Morning, Lynne. Scarves and sweaters are on their way. And today, I got my first Starbuck's drink with the RED cups. They always make me smile because it reminds me that the holidays are around the corner. I hope you get your computer fixed soon, that's a real pain, isn't it?

    Happy November!


  2. Very nice november outfit!!!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Good Morning Lynne; hope the laptop comes out ok...we just had our first cool weather of the season here, and that means below terribly boring...your boxes are packed and shipping tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday~

  4. LOVE that image and I love plaid for Fall. Good luck with the downsizing. That is a HARD job for sure! Hope you have a great time watching the game. Who are the Hawks again? (ducking and running) xo Diana

  5. Lynne, I love scarves. Plaid ones are even better. Hope your dinner is nice, and your team wins. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh chère amie, I am always late to your posts! I don't get them right away, and I come here not having known you posted, but to thank you so much for your visit tonight! YEP, I love teaching about LIFE, en français. La vie est vraiment belle, mais les pauvres enfants du monde - ils ont besoin d'un petit peu de magie!

    BISOUS!!! Love November, don't cha?

  7. I just bought a plaid's going to be perfect with jeans...lots of reds and blues and white. I feel like you, it's here. We will have some warm days, but never over 60. We are in Asheville now, it was 37 yesterday and today. Tomorrow promises to be a more normal 63. Well, I am a seasoned Mid Westerner and I can pretty much handle anything! lol! We've always come here in the mild spring so this has been sort of fun. Snow on the ground!! So pretty with the multi colored leaves!!

    Love to you and GO Holland. Go Hawks!

    Jane xxx

  8. That plaid scarf is just gorgeous. Even here in north Texas there is a chill in the air. Friday night was the first freeze for folks around the Red River border between Texas and Oklahoma. We had a chance of frost that night and brought our plants inside.

    Being nosy... French Basketeer wrote, "Your boxes are packed and ready to ship." Oh, boy. I love getting packages.


  9. Looking forward to winter, love the cozy feel of sweaters, scarves, and boots.
    Love your inspiration foto.


  10. The perfect look for this crisp Autumn weather!! Enjoy Lynne!

    The Arts by Karena

  11. Love your posts, & love the pics! So happy that the longer sweaters & scarf looks are in. Being in the Midwest (IL) this is my favorite way of dressing. Question though how is a pacific -northwestern a Hawks Fan??? Being from the Chicago area, welcome aboard!!! :-)