Wednesday, November 5, 2014

me yesterday...

hello lovelies!

this was me yesterday!

my Mr D took great care of me. 

i didn't lift a finger after my surgery!

today, Chrislyn and the grands will be taking me to my post op 

and patch removal.   

 Mr D kept teasing me yesterday, saying that 

now that i will be able to see better, i may notice that he lacks 

washboard abs!  his buddies were texting him and egging him on!

i laughed and said, " it's okay honey." 

 "i am definitely not the image of a pretty pirate!"

it's with love that we spin sickness and health into laughter and romance.


...and speaking of sick...

i will be using Mr D's laptop until i am able to swing a new one.

( i just realized that my laptop is seven years old. )

i have invested forty dollars and about four hours of my time trying to 

eliminate the virus on my laptop.

sharing one computer means that my blogging time will be cut in half.

i will do my best to keep in touch!


thank you for all of your well wishes! 

they rode into the O.R. with me, inside my heart!

i am blessed...


  1. Sending big hugs and good wishes your way. Your husband is being sweet. We love that, don't we?? Hope you recover quickly. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Glad you are doing well after your surgery and that you are receiving tender loving care. xo Laura

  3. so happy to hear that you are feel so well after your surgery. Hope that you are up and around soon!

  4. I'm happy to hear you're doing well. Sorry to hear about your computer:( and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's worse than you think. When I had to replace mine this summer I found ALL the new computers come with Windows 8 (unless you buy a Mac) and Windows 8 is proving to be the devil to me. Good luck. xoxo

  5. Lynne,
    Great news that all is well with your surgery. It is probably just as well you will be blogging half the your eye(s) time to rest.


  6. Thank you for the update!! We have all been thinking about you!! I guess my laptop is getting pretty old, too! seems like I just got it!!

  7. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery!

  8. Lynne, So happy the surgery went well! Sounds like your were in good hands. Looking forward to all the delicious recipes you'll make for the holidays!! Happy Wednesday!

  9. Glad your surgery went well and that you are doing okay, Take it easy and play it for all it's worth! lol
    Hope you are able to get your laptop in working order. xo Diana

  10. Oh Lynne! HOW ARE YOU NOW? I am so sorry to be late here, but I wish you well and healing FAST! Have a good break from the computer....these machines are great to help us connect with each other, but once in a while, we really need to stay away until we can get settled back. MUCH LOVE to you! Anita

  11. Wishing you a speedy recovery...sharing computer time could be interesting!!