Wednesday, November 12, 2014

tell me lovelies...

 this weekend i shall be seeking a new fragrance.

i'm making a list!

do you have a favorite Falling into Winter scent?

i will be listing your "notes" on my dance card!



  1. Antonia's Flowers, Coco Mademoiselle and the cream version of Clinique's Aromatics.

  2. I like citrus scents, light smells. I love spicy scents but only in little dabs...Women 's fragrances are too heavy and most wear too much. I like D/G blue. xoxo,Susie

  3. Alas, I am allergic to perfume. How sad is that. :(


  4. Oh- I do - I do. In the winter I always wear Tuscany per Dona by Estee Lauder. I wear it very sparingly though...and the kids associate me with that scent. In the Spring I switch to Beach by Bobbie Brown or Happy. Have fun! xo Diana

  5. I have never been one to wear perfume, but there is only one fragrance that I wore for a while: PARIS. Have fun finding one just for you dearest Lynne! Anita

  6. oh yes + 1000 by patou.

  7. Chanel No 5 and Boucheron. In the bath lemon, lavender, and through the holidays frankincense and myrrh. I found the soap sold at Whole Foods and it's divine.

  8. I went vintage this season. Cinnabar by Este Lauder. Brings back memories of snow and ski trips to Colorado and my first mink coat. Next winter I may try the one NanaDiana mentioned.

  9. Visiting via Yvonne's blog and I *totally* agree with your comment...this administration has done vast damage to our Country and future generations.
    As to perfume...I adore Clinique's Aromatics but it doesn't like me. I wear something from J. Peterman but can't remember the name, it does have bergamot as the top note and Chanel No 19 is also a favorite.

  10. I love the smell of RL Romance or YSL Opium.
    I can't put it directly on my skin so on the back of the bra strap works for me.
    Linda C in Seattle