Friday, December 5, 2014

French bread on Friday...

 hello lovelies!

soooo happy here. 

dieu merci, ce est vendredi!

Ben's 2nd birthday is on Saturday.

the bell rings for those who believe! cute and clever of my daughter.

she says...why not embrace the season his birthday lies within!

you haven't seen them here goes!

 yes...they were signing to Rudolf.

when Frosty greeted them, they went right into their 

rendition of  his signature song.  

tiny voices...newly retained words with la la's in between!

how blessed we are...merci, mon Dieu!

Sunday is Tree Day! 

i shall serve a Christmas Tree Brunch.

...and there will be French bread.

for this recipe from one of Seattle's fave 

neighborhood bakeries you will need a cup of...

back to the recipe...

it popped up on my "recette du mois" e-mail yesterday!

( timed perfectly for FBoF! )


the printable is here!

i have to rest my post surgery eyes a bit. 
please know that my comments will be brief.
i just want you to know that i have popped in to visit!



  1. Lynne, I hope your eyes are getting much better. Love your kiddie photo. So cute. I can hear those sweet wee voices ....that is one of my favorite singing. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. The babes are adorable. Enjoy "tree day", and please take care of your eyes. Have a great weekend. Bonnie

  3. They are so adorable. I wish I could have heard their rendition of Rudolph. xo Laura

  4. The grands are adorable Lynne… Happy Birthday to Ben. The french toast looks amazing, perfect for the weekend ! Enjoy it all !!!
    XOXO Mary

  5. OUI! C'est vendredi, mais aujourd'hui, c'est samedi matin!

    Lynne mon amie, bonjour! How intriguing is Doré's art, n'est-ce pas?


  6. Lynne.
    The Polar Express for Ben's 2nd birthday is a wonderful idea. I just watched it last night - I love that movie! Your grandkids' faces are darling. Oh my, goat cheese stuffed French toast - it looks amazing. Take care of your precious eyes, Lynne. We are getting our tree tomorrow too!


  7. Loved the pics and glad to hear you are still recovering nicely!! Such sweet 'Babies!!!'

  8. What a wonderful weekend and precious grandchildren. We took our grandson (3) to the Polar Express this weekend and the best part was watching his reaction. Rest your eyes…