Tuesday, December 16, 2014

good morning angels!

( good morning, Lynne! )

"once upon a time there were three hundreds of very different

 little girls who grew up to be three hundreds of very different women

 with three things in common: they're brilliant, they're beautiful, 

and they work for visit, inspire and encourage me!"

my name is Charlie Lynne!

are we having fun yet?
(i know...the sillies set in with sleep depro!)

yes...life is just at the edge of "out of control"!

...oh that sleigh ride to 25!
(the same ride we take every year!)

this morning...while the laundry was spinning, 

i took a quick spin through blogland.

it's good to read that you are good!

at Mary's, i spied an A N G E L!

:: ici ::

could this be the Angel of Christmas Frazzle?


shall we all relate?

we need us...to move on!



  1. Don't ya just love Mary's angel? There something very special about her. So glad we can enjoy this season together, Lynne.....here in blogland.


  2. Hi Lynne, I feel the time is going quickly. I have a class party to attend this Thursday and the teacher(my daughter) is sick...right now..she is trying to get well enough to be there. She feels behind on her kid gifts..so today I have to help out. I used get all the kids in her class a McD card...but wow this year she has 29 kids....I'll see what I can do. LOL. Wish I had seen this wee angel to copy.:):) Blesssings, now get some sleep young lady. xoxo,Susie

  3. I can't believe how fast the month is going. I am ALMOST ready! xoDiana

  4. love the angel + I am almost ready for santa claus xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. I suddenly realized I leave for Atlanta in 5 days. I am not ready. That angel is adorable. xo Laura

  6. I have not bought one gift and I'm starting to panic...

  7. I feel like Mary's angle - and we have matching hair too! Warm regards

  8. Glad you like the angel Lynne… she is my favorite of Priscilla's childhood homemade ornaments. Hang on for the rest of the ride to 25, hopefully your hair will not resemble that of the beloved angel. Enjoy the season with your family , I know you will !
    XOXO Mary

  9. Oh, yes, I love it all dear Lynne! What a lovely thought for all the 'angels' today. I needed to see this!
    Merry, merry!
    xx, Heather

  10. Lynne,
    Too fun! Brought another smile to my face! Looks like you are enjoying Christmas...


  11. Good morning Lynne! Sleep deprived? ME TOO! But I toss and turn thinking about the FUN of the day or the fun to be had as I finish my last week of school and then enter into a two week period of more fun, at home.

    Wishing you more giddy moments for the holidays! Anita

  12. I just told Louis Dean I feel like I have WORKED the whole month! Next year I sincerely hope I can start earlier and then sit back and enjoy the whole of the season! But then that's what I had planned for THIS year!! I do not intend to take Christmas down until well into January. LD and I will 'keep Christmas' as long as we possibly can!!!

  13. This silly girl definitely loves this post. Yes, we need each other!
    Catching up on all ur holiday posts today as I'm out shopping w mr g....between stops. :)