Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the Zara "blanket" scarf...the "bloggers" scarf...and some random blogger love...

  1. a person blogger who leads the way in fashion or ideas.

the Zara "blanket" scarf...


the "bloggers" scarf!

it reminds me of a trend we played upon many years ago.

( Annie Hall (1977)...fa la la la la...la la la la! )

some years later (2003)...Diane reappeared in the right place to

 "set" another trend!

since SGtoG...how many blogs have featured striped rugs?

(...and still do! )

it was a movie movement that made Dash & Albert household words!

( bloggers are still talking about it! )

yesterday...Annie...today Zara.

a new generation of Mommas...

...rockin' the old to new again!
( yes...another reemergence here...the"puffy"... now called...
...the puff-er vest )

...pumping up to volume pretty!

look what happened when some

 southern girls got a hold of it!

...too cute!

...and when you take "the blogger" 

 on  Holiday...it sings Merry Christmas!

:: ici ::

i'm  adding a touch of ebony to our traditional Christmas mix this year.

my thoughts and prayers are with you as you

ready yourselves in the days ahead!



  1. Lynne, I love plaid. All kinds. Those scarves are vey nice. Hope you are getting to enjoy your season. I am . Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. A case of "everything old is new again"..........I'm showing my age! Warm wishes.

  3. Who knew when I decided to put a plaid ribbon on my Christmas wreath that it was the in thing this year :)
    xo Laura

  4. Lynne, I've always loved plaid. Loving the Zara blanket scarf!! Your banner says it all!!

  5. I do love plaid & it's nice to see it done from casual to elegant! Everything always comes back in vogue.

  6. I echo the plaid love....I am crazy about the blanket scarf. One cannot have too many scarfs. And yes, we southern gals do love our monograms. Sending you wishes for a wonderful week. Bonnie

  7. 'what a sweet post, Lynne! I loved Annie Hall and I love plaid. It is a perfect accompaniment to the Christmas Season. I love every image here. xo Diana

  8. The plaid scarf is wonderful, Lynne. I think we should all have one hehe. The girls love scarves and always wear them during the cold winter months. Lynne, just wanted to tell you that I love your Christmas Header, and that diamond necklace is stunning. It reminds me of my mom's necklace that I just posted. Wishing you happy days ahead for this special Christmas season. We are supposed to get a big storm coming in tomorrow, Yikes!


  9. Bonjour Lynne! Late again as usual these days with school and long hours....but coming to all my favorite blogs keeps me warm, happy and constantly THINKING of ideas! Love your new header and I could use a new scarf too! BISOUS! Anita

  10. goodmorning lynne + love the photos + yes we love our monograms + zara scarf hmmm. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  11. I purchased one of those scarfs and have yet to wear it partly beause it has been too darn warm here & partly because I am wondering if at my age I am going to look like a giant picnic blanket!

  12. I love the plaid with that black dress! What a fun post.

  13. What a fun post to look back and see where trends began.

    Glad to know my puffy vest is okay - I wear it skiing, on winter beach walks, and just out and about.

  14. So enjoyed reading about scarves and trends.... Am always buoyed by your images and words.

    Merry Christmas,